An Acacia tree

Acacia is one of the woods used to make wands.


A very unusual wand wood, which I have found creates tricky wands that often refuse to produce magic for any but their owner, and also withhold their best effects from all but those most gifted. This sensitivity renders them difficult to place, and I keep only a small stock for those witches or wizards of sufficient subtlety, for acacia is not suited to what is commonly known as 'bangs-and-smells' magic. When well-matched, an acacia wand matches any for power, though it is often underrated due to the peculiarity of its temperament.

Known users

There are currently no characters who are known to have used Acacia, though Salazar Slytherin's "Snakewood" wand may have been made of Acacia, which is sometimes referred to as "Snakewood."

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