Another Attack is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 14, "Cornelius Fudge".


‘This will be a bit of a shock,’ said Professor McGonagall in a surprisingly gentle voice as they approached the hospital wing. ‘There has been another attack … another double attack.’

Harry’s insides did a horrible somersault. Professor McGonagall pushed the door open and he and Ron entered.





Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

  • If you hover over the jug on the right of the room, it will sparkle slightly.

Zoom 2

  • In the drawer in a bedside table on the right hand side of the room there is a stack of 5 Galleons.
  • Behind the partition you can click on the petrified body of Nearly Headless Nick to unlock more information about ghosts.

Zoom 3


You can hear hushed sounds, and the occasional bird chirping.

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