Arriving at Diagon Alley is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, chapter 5, Diagon Alley.

In this moment, the Shopping List needs to be collected before it is possible to move on to the next moment.


The brick he had touched quivered – it wriggled — in the middle, a small hole appeared — it grew wider and wider — a second later they were facing an archway large enough even for Hagrid, an archway on to a cobbled street which twisted and turned out of sight…



  • Sack of 75 Galleons
  • One galleon
  • Strawberry and Peanut-Butter Ice-Cream-Flavoured Bean

New from J. K. Rowling

Zoom One

  • The third house on the left has pretty lights when moving over it and makes bubble noises as well.

Zoom Two

  • A Bertie Bott's Strawberry and Peanut-Butter Ice-Cream-Flavoured Bean and one Galleon can be found on the ground.
  • Collect 75 galleons in a sack by the barrel. (You might have to make sure that you click to this zoom in order to get the group on the left to move properly)
  • By mousing over the owl perched on the rim of the rooftop of the last building to the left it will fly away.
  • Madam Malkin's can be clicked to unlock "Clothing"

Zoom Three

  • When the mouse is moved over the door to Gringotts (not hovering over it) the light in the doorway changes.


There is the sound of footsteps and voices of the wizards and witches around Diagon Alley. A bell tingles occasionally.

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