Aunt Marge is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 2, Aunt Marge's Big Mistake.


'As I expected!' said Aunt Marge, taking a huge swig of brandy and wiping her chin on her sleeve. 'A no-account good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger who —'


New from J. K. Rowling

Zoom levels

This moment has two zoom levels.

Zoom 1

Aunt Marge (moment).png
  • Click on the brandy glass between Uncle Vernon's legs to unlock the information about Aunt Marge
  • Hover over the bulldog: he will savage Vernon's leg a bit more and make him yell.

Zoom 2

  • The plates and ducks shiver and make rattling noises when you mouse over them.
  • Marge wobbles and squawks when you mouse over her.


You can hear Ripper growling. Once you zoom in to Zoom 2 you can hear Marge making bizarre popping noises.

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