• Pumpky

    Members and House Points on the Wiki Home Page have been edited as of this hour. 

    Thank you. Pumpky (talk) 06:26, March 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Viridis Aureus

    I've decided to tell you all what I've been doing for the past 24 hours on here, because I've been driving myself crazy working on so many pages. I edited quite a few pages today, more than I've probably done in one day. Mostly I was just rying to make all the pages consistant, adding links to pages where they were missing, fixing a couple of broken links, adding a couple of images, and adding missing templates.

    Objects Pages:

    I think I edited 33 different object pages. What I was doing was making sure the moments and chapters were linked, and that the links weren't broken, adding the template we used for Objects for the first 2 chapters, and making sure categories were in order. Most of what I had to do was on the pages starting from the la…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Alright, I really have to stop getting busy, because that means I can't get on here to edit stuff! Well, I'm back again, and I promise to check in at least once a day to make sure things are going smoothly around these parts!

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  • Patrick.cesare

    my list of inventory

    February 6, 2014 by Patrick.cesare

    i'm new to Pottermore,so someone could please tell me where to find my list of inventory? :-) Thanks!

    P.S. My Pottermore name is RunaDrago15752 and i'm a Ravenclaw.

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  • Universego

    Starting Out

    December 31, 2013 by Universego

    So, I have a blog on Tumblr, but I don't really feel up to posting personal things there since several people I know follow me. I'm going to start posting personal affairs, such as events in high school that I'd like to post somewhere, here. I don't really expect this to be an interesting adventure that will be fun to follow, but feel free to read about the life of an emotionally unstable sophomore in high school. I'll try to make it as cool as possible.

    Also, I will talk about my friends quite a lot, so let's get their names down now. My friends that I actually know on a personal level (i.e., go to school with) are very limited, as I don't connect well with the people I see everyday. Sam and Kaylee are my number one best friends that will …

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  • Tantallegra

    Hello there, Wiki. I recently created a pottermore account, because I was hanging around with a few friends who were all remaking theirs, and I decided why not. My UN there is RainSword13090, (which I copied and pasted because their usernames suck... at least mine isn't horrid) and I'm totally okay with people adding me. Just be open for random duels in strange hours of the night.

    -Hufflepuff and proud

    -Wand details thusly;

    • Length: 12 1/2 in
    • Wood: Pear
    • Core: Dragon
    • Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy

    Which is interesting, because I have a pear tree which I absolutely love and actually made a wand out of it once. 

    -I'm not a die-hard Potter fan, but I'm quite fond of the franchise and the fandom. 

    -I'm in a really uncomfortable position right now, my b…

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  • Viraldude


    November 11, 2013 by Viraldude

    Ever since Pottermore upgraded, I haven't been able to cast spells well. Last time, I could cast 144 for Full-Body Bind spell but now my maximum is only about 130. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? (ugh, I feel like a newbie here... oh wait, I am one.)

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  • PotterMouth

    Hey You! :D

    I am so happy that I finally finished part 2 of the pollyjuice potion! It takes 18 hours to brew, I was so scared I was gonna mess it up and have to restart the WHOLE thing...but I didn't! Yay! So yes, I have finally completed the entire polyjuice empire :P 

    Comment down below your thoughts on how hard or easy the polyjuice potion was, or if you have completed it! :)

    Happy Brewing!


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  • Sonata7

    Pottermore Friends Note

    October 5, 2013 by Sonata7

    Hi! You may know me as Cliodna from Pottermore. 

    As many of you know I spent a lot of time in the Common Room. Unfortunately my life has become very busy and I haven't been able to be on PM as much as I used to. PM's updates have made the boards super slow and I just don't have the patience to post something a gazillion times to get it to show up. I've created this account to be able to catch up with all of my Pottermore friends. Please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page/message board. I'd love to catch up. 

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  • PotterMouth

    Polyjuice potion

    October 4, 2013 by PotterMouth

    Hey you :D

    I am currently brewing part 2 of the polyjuice takes FOREVER! It takes 1080 minutes (18 hrs) for it to brew. If you are wondering, you have to brew part 1 first before doing part 2.

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  • PotterMouth

    Pottermore username

    October 4, 2013 by PotterMouth


    I love getting friend requests! So here is my username: DawnJinx1011 Please feel free to add me and duel anytime! I am usually online in the morning or at night. I am a proud Griffindor! I know some people to not answer the questions truthfully on the quiz to get into a certain house but I promise you I answered them 100% truthfully! I would be happy in any house since it's Hogwarts! Even though I am competetive when it comes to the house cup, I respect every single house and my fellow classmates.

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  • PotterMouth

    Pottermore username!

    October 4, 2013 by PotterMouth


    I always enjoy getting some friend requests! So please do feel free to add me! Username: DawnJinx1011

    I am a proud Griffindor! I know that some people do not take the sorting hat quiz truthfully just so that they can get into a certain house...but I promise you I did it perfectly honesltly! I don't really care for which house I am in, just that I would be happy to be in any house! Please add me and duel!

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  • Sonata7

    Hello World

    September 26, 2013 by Sonata7

    Hi! I'm a Ravenclaw, dedicated Pottermore user. 

    I'm new here, glad to join the wiki.

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  • Ginny0317

    Ginny's Blog!

    September 14, 2013 by Ginny0317

    Hello I'm new here and I'm doing Pottermore. I'm WitchSickle24939. Please add me to your friends. And you know what? I'm in Gryffindor, my wand is Holly, Phoenix Tail Feather Core, 12 1/2 inches! I'm true harry potter except wand length!(I think because I'm a girl)

    Well, see you at pottermore!

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  • BatFelicis25392

    Hufflepuff pride

    August 3, 2013 by BatFelicis25392

    Okay so I just joined this and I've never blogged before so sorry if this is bad:S

    I was looking up Hufflepuff images to put as my profile picture and I saw a picture of a t-shirt that said, "'I want to join Hufflepuff!' said no Wizard EVER." This really annoyed me. I'm sick of people mocking my house for no reason whatsoever. I was delighted when I got sorted into Hufflepuff. We've produced just as many great witches and wizards as any other house and the fewest dark witches and wizards. We aren't stupid either. Just because we're loyal and kind and trustworthy does not mean we are weak and timid and stupid. That's why our symbol is a badger. We are nice and kind, but if someone attacks us or our family and friends, we're great at defending…

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  • Sabrina bergin


    July 11, 2013 by Sabrina bergin

    If you want more potion stuff just add me. I'm NightHawthorn23518.

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  • W.S. the Slytherin

    I know that many of you are already done with getting the pufferfish eyes for this Swelling Solution for the second book. However, if you know someone that isn't a Slytherin, needs to make this potion, and a little low on cash, send them my way. As a Slytherin with the advantage to go ahead without making this, I can donate these to you. If you're interested let me know. I need to know your name and whatnot...

    sorry I'm new at this blogging business.

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  • Trevor88

    At the time of Writing, There are many Harry Potter Related Wikis. Only a few people know of them. I have a list below of the H-P wikis, but, of course, You can suggest more wikis in the Comments.

    • Potterpedia
    • Potter-Dictionary
    • Harry-Potter Wiki
    • Harry Wiki
    • Harry-Potter-Lexicon
    • Harry-Potter-Dictionary
    • Harry-Potter-Dictionary-Fansite
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  • Lolykat

    Account Settings

    May 18, 2013 by Lolykat
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  • WoloWizard


    April 23, 2013 by WoloWizard

    I joined Pottermore in March 2013 and was sorted in Slyhtherin and am basically writing this blog post to earn the "Something To Say" badge.

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  • AriaAlways

    Should we do something to celebrate?

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  • DemigodDaughterOfApollo

    It's starting to annoy me...

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  • TripsUpStairs

    So i've been reading a little aout my wand and stuff and it's almost creepy how closely it got my personality. The quizzes are good, so I want to know how good they were for you all! The descriptions in parentheses all match me well.

    Also, I've also found it perculiar how ollivander uses inches instead of centimeters. Anyone know the reason for that?

    House: Slytherin (Cunning)


    • Ash (Very Stubborn)
    • Dragon Heartstring (Powerful, but more accident prone)
    • 12 and 3/4 inches (more outgoing personality)
    • Hard (not as easily adaptable/stubborn)
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  • Glowunicorn48

    A little about me

    April 12, 2013 by Glowunicorn48

    I like surfing through Pottermore in order to then add more things in this wiki. It helped me to find some objects, and I would like to help others.

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  • TripsUpStairs


    April 12, 2013 by TripsUpStairs

    Still haven't done homework... spring feaver is TERRIBLE.

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  • RhynnPFF

    Playstation Home

    April 4, 2013 by RhynnPFF

    Been a while since I've been here! With the coming of Pottermore on Playstation Home, however, I feel like writing loads of things again. So expect me around in the coming days - I'll be here when I'm not either at work or on Playstation Home ;)

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  • RetroKitty

    Hiya fellow Harry Potter fans, I was just wondering how often updates occur on Pottermore?

    And is there a page on here that gives you updates on when the updates on Pottermore may happen? So I can just bookmark it or something to be kept informed c:

    ~ SpiritPhoenix16460

    <3 (talk) 15:52, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

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  • AriaAlways

    I'm just curious as to where around the world people are from. I'm from Australia, and I'm a Hufflepuff, which most of friends here in Oz are too. What about everyone else? Let's see how long it takes to find one person from each continent!

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  • Vikster

    Spamming in the Great Hall

    February 16, 2013 by Vikster

    Hey wizards and witches!

    The majority of pottermore are awesome but something that's not cool is spamming in the Great Hall. Please don't try it, it doesn't look good and makes you look like an attention seeker. But other than that, earn points for your house, duel, brew and have fun!

    Vikster (talk) 19:23, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

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  • LeviosaEye30794


    January 30, 2013 by LeviosaEye30794

    hey everyone! Can you add my pottermore profile?

    It's LeviosaEye30794 Read more >
  • Viridis Aureus

    Alright, for those who don't know, I'm one of the people who usually work a lot on the wiki. I didn't get to do any work this winter because that was family time, and I won't get to do much these next 4 months because of school. That's why I need everyone who still logs in to help out. I don't know how much has been updated since the last chapter update, but I still want everyone to pitch in and help me keep this thing from falling apart. I just don't have the time right now! I know I still have to get the pictures for the last set of moments in CoS, last time I looked, so I can show where the items are. Then there's the first few chapters of PoA and the character stuff from it to add to the site. Any help is good, really. I just can't do …

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  • HawkeyesGirl

    Recently, I noticed an article on the Pottermore Insider about how they caught a bunch of people cheating on duels and thusly removed thier points. I had noticed that in my Common Room, that people were saying that the other Houses were cheating. I had dismissed that as unfounded accusations because we were in last place. But apparently, people DO cheat.

    My question is: WHY? Why do people have the need to cheat to win House Points? There's no tangible prize for winning; pretty much all the winning House gets is bragging rights and some small thing that the Pottermore Team decides on. I don't understand.

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  • Thaliagrace99

    My Wand

    November 27, 2012 by Thaliagrace99

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  • Thaliagrace99

    Gryffindor Rocks

    November 27, 2012 by Thaliagrace99

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Yes, I went on another hiatus, but it was not by choice obviously. I had school after all, and that was something I had to take care of!

    I'll be getting back to work ono the wiki soon. I have one more week of school and another for finals. I'll try to get a bit of work done now, though.

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  • Ponteo2345

    Diagon Alley Shop

    November 25, 2012 by Ponteo2345

    i could not buy any items here i think i am motherfucking stuck here,HARRY POTTER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Leonie Kenobi

    … Harry witnessed Professor McGonagallwalking right past Peeves, who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, 'It unscrews the other way.'

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  • Trevor88

    Community Portal Access

    November 16, 2012 by Trevor88

    Other wikis have a history of using the Community Portal. This wiki doesn't have a popular page that is used for discussing all things Pottermore. If a link is added to the main Page, it might have more Priority.

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  • Mrs. Mooney

    So, I have created the real version of me in my Profile. Now it is time to create "the Pottermore version on me". Hope you'll like it;)

    • ScaleShadow6980

    • Gryffindor (it appears that I'm a true Gryffindor, cause I've tried to get to different house for several times and nothing so far:P)

    • August 2012

    • 51

    • Current: 121
    • Total: 4,194

    • LENGTH: 11 1/5 in
    • WOOD: Elder
    • CORE: Unicorn
    • FEXIBILITY: Unyielding

    • 2,230

    • 194

    • 56

    • 68

    • 198

    That's more or less about it. At least, for this very momet;)

    And since I'm new, I would like to say - It's great to meet you all and to be here with you!

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  • XxLunataLuvxX

    To all my fellow Potterheads out there:::

    Like the title says, the last Chamber of Secrets chapters on Pottermore have been finished! They were really interesting and really made it feel like you were really exploring the COS with Harry, Ron, & Hermione :) It was aggravating having to make the Polyjuice potion (Part 2 mostly since it took *HOURS*) but they were just sticking to the book so it's fine.

    An in-depth evaluation of the last chapters of COS...

    The Polyjuice Potion (Chapter 12)

    Favorite overall things to collect: a Sherbet Lemon (sounds yummy!), a BB Overcooked Cabbage-flavored bean (I like how they added "Overcooked" ^_^), & 5 galleons (thank God, I really need some!)

    Favorite Moment: The Slytherin Common Room--I finally got in and it i…

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  • Hugh-Z

    We have waited so long for COS to be finished, but not nearly as long as some waited to get on Pottermore and now it's finished and we have to wait yet again. I don't know about you but there is one good thing about this wait, it's the fact that Prisoner of Azkaban is possibly the most favored book/movie (I know it is for me). I have asked around and the Pottermore users I have spoken to said it was either their favorite or second favorite. My theory of why it is so popular amongst many is due to the fact we descover two great and totally different characters that are apart of one of the most "demented" plots.

    So now I have a question to you, what is your favorite Harry Potter book/film and why? And do you think the wait for the new chapter…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    I couldn't think of a good title this week XD. It's almost 12 in the morning, but I'm counting this as me writing this on Saturday dang it!

    Well, I've gotten the big bulk of the work for the current Chamber of Secrets chapters done. I just need to make a few character, place, and item pages from the new info we get each chapter. I'd rather like to get that done before the next set of chapters come out, but I doubt I'll get to do that. Stupid muggle school!

    Badge time!

    Wiki Expert make 1,000 edits on articles (586/1000)

    Wiki Planner add 500 articles to categories (340/500)

    Devoted contribute to the wiki every day for 30 days (9/30)

    Designer add 250 pictures to articles (173/250)

    I've gotten back on track for the Devoted badge! now just to make sur…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    There probably isn't even anyone here to read these anymore XD. Well, my computer is an idiot, first of all. It logged me out of here and I didn't notice while I was editing, so now I'm back to square 1 on my Devoted badge. Not cool!

    I've gotten the pages for the moments and chapters mostly done. Just some linking and sound sections left to do. Then I'll be working on organization, most likely, and cleaning up little mistakes here in there. I have also added a "1st Year Spells" category to all of the spells we can currently use. I'll probably go through and do the rest of them as well, then take care of the 2nd Year Spells. I'll probably be doing something similar for potions as well.

    Now, the badges of course.

    Wiki Planner add 500 articles t…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    A week later...

    September 29, 2012 by Viridis Aureus

    Well, it's been a week since my last post, and I had to keep myself from posting for a week so I wouldn't bother everyone with my repeptitive posts!

    I've gotten all of the chapter pages completed and I've now started working on the moment pages. I also found out that there was a pair of orange earmuffs that I never saw before someone told me! I still wished I'd gotten a colour other than pink, but whatever. Right now I'm working on Chapter 6's Moments. I'm trying to get all of the chapters done one day at a time, so I should be finished by the time I post my next post for sure.

    Now to kepp you guys posted with my badges. Not like anyone cares other than me XD.

    Wiki Planner add 500 articles to categories (300/500)

    Devoted contribute to the wiki …

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  • Hydreg

    Job well done

    September 27, 2012 by Hydreg

    Whew, I sure made a lot of edits today.

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Greetings again everyone XD. I've finally gotten a bit of work done. All of the ingredients now have pages, and I'm working on the moment and chapter pages as I write this post. Having to upload images so I can do it though.

    I remember that I used to talk about the badges that I need to complete. Well, here is the list again!

    • Wiki Planner

    add 500 articles to categories (284/500)
    • Devoted

    contribute to the wiki every day for 30 days (2/30)
    • Designer

    add 250 pictures to articles (131/250)
    • Wiki Expert

    make 500 edits on articles (369/500)

    There you go. It's going to be a while until I get the Devoted badge, but the others aren't too far off. I got the one before the Wiki Planner yesterday, bringing me up to Number Two in badge points. The next one will pr…

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  • Halfbloodking


    September 22, 2012 by Halfbloodking

    Here's some fanfictions that you can see. just search them here.

    Fanfiction page. This one's a beutiful stories with the DRAMIONE story. Hope you like it

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Hello anyone around! I dissappeared for a while and I do apologize about that. School is a killer. I'll try to get back on track working around here as soon as I can.

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  • Captain Pikachu

    We have been inactive since days and months there was no adminstration on this wikia properly.So i want the following three members to be admins if they show up

    • Me
    • Hawkee Girl
    • Lunatic(if she shows up}
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  • Captain Pikachu


    I added many templates like Template:Spells,Template:Gryffindor profile if u wanna add to edit pages it would be very good to tell all of you!!!

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