The world of Pottermore is full of books for the player to buy or find. At present there are 55 books available in the game, either to purchase in Flourish and Blotts or find in the game chapters. Two more bookstores in Diagon Alley, Obscurus Books and Whizz Hard Books, are currently locked. 48 different books appear in your trunk, 7 others don't, 4 are used for Duelling and 3 for potions.

While most books cannot be read and only appear in the player's trunk, certain books, teach the player spells for Wizard's Duels and others allow the player to brew potions. Neither of these types of books appear in the player's trunk, only on their relative pages; they cannot be bought or found again and therefore cannot be traded.

Books purchased from Flourish and Blotts 

Spell and Potion-Making Books (cannot be gifted)

Required Books (cannot be gifted unless more than one copy is owned)

Books Not Required but Available

Books found in the game

Spell and Potion-Making Books (cannot be traded)

Other Books 

Books mentioned but not found in the game 

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