"Whatever you’re brewing, from the Draught of Living Death to the Forgetfulness Potion, this cauldron is ideal for witches and wizards of all abilities."

The Brass Cauldron is used for brewing potions.

Brewing potions in a Brass Cauldron reduces the time you need to wait for certain potions to finish brewing.

A Brass Cauldron can be bought from Potage's Cauldron Shop for 21 Galleons.


The Brass Cauldron is the second fastest and second slowest Cauldron currently. You do not need this since the School Cauldron is the Pewter Cauldron.

Brass Cauldron Used In Potions

Pottermore at Playstation Home

On Pottermore at Playstation Home, Brass Cauldron, Size 2 is the 1st Pottermore Card in the Equipment category.