Draco's Detour is the sixth chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


The day after this rather gloomy birthday tea, their letters and book lists arrived from Hogwarts. Harry’s included a surprise: he had been made Quidditch Captain.

‘That gives you equal status with prefects!’ cried Hermione happily. ‘You can use our special bathroom now, and everything!’

‘Wow, I remember when Charlie wore one of these,’ said Ron, examining the badge with glee. ‘Harry, this is so cool, you’re my captain – if you let me back on the team, I suppose, ha ha ...’

‘Well, I don’t suppose we can put off a trip to Diagon Alley much longer now you’ve got these,’ sighed Mrs Weasley, looking down Ron’s book list. ‘We’ll go on Saturday as long as your father doesn’t have to go into work again. I’m not going there without him.’


Ninety-three, Diagon Alley

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