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Draco Malfoy
Born 5 June
Died Unknown
Species Human
Parentage Pure-Blood Parents
Family Members Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, The Black Family
Affiliations Hogwarts, Death Eaters, Inquisitorial Squad, Slytherin Quidditch Team
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Hawthorn and Unicorn Hair, 10 inches, Springy
Special Abilities Occlumency
Hobbies Unknown

Draco Malfoy is a Slytherin student, classmate and somewhat of an enemy of Harry Potter and his friends.


Draco Malfoy is a Hogwarts student with white-blond hair, cold grey eyes and a pale, pointed face. A Slytherin whose family has been linked to the Dark Arts, Draco often taunts Harry and his friends.

New from J. K. Rowling

Birthday: 5th June
Wand: Hawthorn and Unicorn hair, Ten inches, Springy
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Parentage: Witch mother, wizard father
Draco Malfoy grew up as an only child at Malfoy Manor, the magnificent mansion in Wiltshire which had been in his family’s possession for many centuries. From the time when he could talk, it was made clear to him that he was triply special: firstly as a wizard, secondly as a pure-blood, and thirdly as a member of the Malfoy family.

Draco was raised in an atmosphere of regret that the Dark Lord had not succeeded in taking command of the wizarding community, although he was prudently reminded that such sentiments ought not to be expressed outside the small circle of the family and their close friends ‘or Daddy might get into trouble’. In childhood, Draco associated mainly with the pure-blood children of his father’s ex-Death Eater cronies, and therefore arrived at Hogwarts with a small gang of friends already made, including Theodore Nott and Vincent Crabbe.

Like every other child of Harry Potter’s age, Draco heard stories of the Boy Who Lived through his youth. Many different theories had been in circulation for years as to how Harry survived what should have been a lethal attack, and one of the most persistent was that Harry himself was a great Dark wizard. The fact that he had been removed from the wizarding community seemed (to wishful thinkers) to support this view, and Draco’s father, wily Lucius Malfoy, was one of those who subscribed most eagerly to the theory. It was comforting to think that he, Lucius, might be in for a second chance of world domination, should this Potter boy prove to be another, and greater, pure-blood champion. It was, therefore, in the knowledge that he was doing nothing of which his father would disapprove, and in the hope that he might be able to relay some interesting news home, that Draco Malfoy offered Harry Potter his hand when he realised who he was on the Hogwarts Express. Harry’s refusal of Draco’s friendly overtures, and the fact that he had already formed allegiance to Ron Weasley, whose family is anathema to the Malfoys, turns Malfoy against him at once. Draco realised, correctly, that the wild hopes of the ex-Death Eaters – that Harry Potter was another, and better, Voldemort – are completely unfounded, and their mutual enmity is assured from that point.

Much of Draco’s behaviour at school was modelled on the most impressive person he knew - his father - and he faithfully copied Lucius’s cold and contemptuous manner to everyone outside his inner circle. Having recruited a second henchman (Crabbe being already in position pre-Hogwarts) on the train to school, the less physically imposing Malfoy used Crabbe and Goyle as a combination of henchman and bodyguard throughout his six years of school life.

Draco’s feelings for Harry were always based, in a great part, on envy. Though he never sought fame, Harry was unquestionably the most talked-about and admired person at school, and this naturally jarred with a boy who had been brought up to believe that he occupied an almost royal position within the wizarding community. What was more, Harry was most talented at flying, the one skill at which Malfoy had been confident he would outshine all the other first-years. The fact that the Potions master, Snape, had a soft spot for Malfoy, and despised Harry, was only slight compensation.

Draco resorted to many different dirty tactics in his perpetual quest to get under Harry’s skin, or discredit him in the eyes of others including, but not limited to, telling lies about him to the press, manufacturing insulting badges to wear about him, attempting to curse him from behind, and dressing up as one of the Dementors (to which Harry had shown himself particularly vulnerable). However, Malfoy had his own moments of humiliation at Harry’s hands, notably on the Quidditch pitch, and never forgot the shame of being turned into a bouncing ferret by a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

While many people thought that Harry Potter, who had witnessed the Dark Lord’s rebirth, was a liar or a fantasist, Draco Malfoy was one of the few who knew that Harry was telling the truth. His own father had felt his Dark Mark burn and had flown to rejoin the Dark Lord, witnessing Harry and Voldemort’s graveyard duel.

The discussions of these events at Malfoy Manor gave rise to conflicting sensations in Draco Malfoy. On the one hand, he was thrilled by the secret knowledge that Voldemort had returned, and that what his father had always described as the family’s glory days were back once more. On the other, the whispered discussions about the way that Harry had, again, evaded the Dark Lord’s attempts to kill him, caused Draco further twinges of anger and envy. Much as the Death Eaters disliked Harry as an obstacle and as a symbol, he was discussed seriously as an adversary, whereas Draco was still relegated to the status of schoolboy by Death Eaters who met at his parents’ house. Though they were on opposing sides of the gathering battle, Draco felt envious of Harry’s status. He cheered himself up by imagining Voldemort’s triumph, seeing his family honoured under a new regime, and he himself feted at Hogwarts as the important and impressive son of Voldemort’s second-in-command.

School life took an upturn in Draco’s fifth year. Although forbidden to discuss at Hogwarts what he had heard at home, Draco took pleasure in petty triumphs: he was a Prefect (and Harry was not) and Dolores Umbridge, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, seemed to loathe Harry quite as much as he did. He became a member of Dolores Umbridge’s Inquisitorial Squad, and made it his business to try and discover what Harry and a gang of disparate students were up to, as they formed and trained, in secret, as the forbidden organisation, Dumbledore’s Army. However, at the very moment of triumph, when Draco had cornered Harry and his comrades, and when it seemed that Harry must be expelled by Umbridge, Harry slipped through his fingers. Worse still, Harry managed to thwart Lucius Malfoy’s attempt to kill him, and Draco’s father was captured and sent to Azkaban.

Draco’s world now fell apart. From having been, as he and his father had believed, on the cusp of authority and prestige such as they had never known before, his father was taken from the family home and imprisoned, far away, in the fearsome wizard prison guarded by Dementors. Lucius had been Draco’s role model and hero since birth. Now he and his mother were pariahs among the Death Eaters; Lucius was a failure and discredited in the eyes of the furious Lord Voldemort.

Draco’s existence had been cloistered and protected until this point; he had been a privileged boy with little to trouble him, assured of his status in the world and with his head full of petty concerns. Now, with his father gone and his mother distraught and afraid, he had to assume a man’s responsibilities.

Worse was to come. Voldemort, seeking to punish Lucius Malfoy still further for the botched capture of Harry, demanded that Draco perform a task so difficult that he would almost certainly fail - and pay with his life. Draco was to murder Albus Dumbledore - how, Voldemort did not trouble to say. Draco was to be left to his own initiative and Narcissa guessed, correctly, that her son was being set up to fail by a wizard who was devoid of pity and could not tolerate failure.

Furious at the world that seemed suddenly to have turned on his father, Draco accepted full membership of the Death Eaters and agreed to perform the murder Voldemort ordered. At this early stage, full of the desire for revenge and to return his father to Voldemort’s favour, Draco barely comprehended what he was being asked to do. All he knew was that Dumbledore represented everything his imprisoned father disliked; Draco managed, quite easily, to convince himself that he, too, thought the world would be a better place without the Hogwarts Headmaster, around whom opposition to Voldemort had always rallied.

In thrall to the idea of himself as a real Death Eater, Draco set off for Hogwarts with a burning sense of purpose. Gradually, however, as he found that his task was much more difficult than he had anticipated, and after he had come close to accidentally killing two other people instead of Dumbledore, Draco’s nerve began to fail. With the threat of harm to his family and himself hanging over him, he began to crumble under the pressure. The ideas that Draco had about himself, and his place in the world, were disintegrating. All his life, he had idolised a father who advocated violence and was not afraid to use it himself, and now that his son discovered in himself a distaste for murder, he felt it to be a shameful failing. Even so, he could not free himself from his conditioning: he repeatedly refused the assistance of Severus Snape, because he was afraid that Snape would attempt to steal his ‘glory’.

Voldemort and Snape underestimated Draco. He proved an adept at Occlumency (the magical art of repelling attempts to read the mind), which was essential for the undercover work he had undertaken. After two doomed attempts on Dumbledore’s life, Draco succeeded in his ingenious plan to introduce a whole group of Death Eaters into Hogwarts, with the result that Dumbledore was, indeed, killed - though not by Draco’s hand.

Even when faced with a weak and wandless Dumbledore, Draco found himself unable to deliver the coup de grâce because, in spite of himself, he was touched by Dumbledore’s kindness and pity for his would-be killer. Snape subsequently covered for Draco, lying to Voldemort about Draco lowering his wand prior to his own arrival at the top of the Astronomy Tower; Snape emphasised Draco’s skill in introducing the Death Eaters into the school, and cornering Dumbledore for him, Snape, to kill.

When Lucius was freed from Azkaban shortly afterwards, the family was allowed to return to Malfoy Manor with their lives. However, they were now completely discredited. From dreams of the highest status under Voldemort’s new regime, the Malfoys found themselves the lowest in the ranks of the Death Eaters; weaklings and failures, to whom Voldemort was henceforth derisive and contemptuous.

Draco’s changed, yet still conflicted, personality revealed itself in his actions during the remainder of the war between Voldemort and those who were trying to stop him. Although Draco had still not rid himself of the hope of returning the family to their former high position, his inconveniently awakened conscience led him to try - half-heartedly, perhaps, but arguably as best he could in the circumstances - to save Harry from Voldemort when the former was captured and dragged to Malfoy Manor. During the final battle at Hogwarts however, Malfoy made yet another attempt to capture Harry and thereby save his parents’ prestige, and possibly their lives. Whether he could have brought himself to actually hand over Harry is a moot point; I suspect that, as with his attempted murder of Dumbledore, he would again have found the reality of bringing about another person’s death much more difficult in practice than in theory.

Draco survived Voldemort’s siege of Hogwarts because Harry and Ron saved his life. Following the battle, his father evaded prison by providing evidence against fellow Death Eaters, helping to ensure the capture of many of Lord Voldemort’s followers who had fled into hiding.

The events of Draco’s late teens forever changed his life. He had had the beliefs with which he had grown up challenged in the most frightening way: he had experienced terror and despair, seen his parents suffer for their allegiance, and had witnessed the crumbling of all that his family had believed in. People whom Draco had been raised, or else had learned, to hate, such as Dumbledore, had offered him help and kindness, and Harry Potter had given him his life. After the events of the second wizarding war, Lucius found his son as affectionate as ever, but refusing to follow the same old pure-blood line.

Draco married the younger sister of a fellow Slytherin. Astoria Greengrass, who had gone through a similar (though less violent and frightening) conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more tolerant life view, was felt by Narcissa and Lucius to be something of a disappointment as a daughter-in-law. They had had high hopes of a girl whose family featured on the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’, but as Astoria refused to raise their grandson Scorpius in the belief that Muggles were scum, family gatherings were often fraught with tension.

J.K. Rowling's thoughts

When the series begins, Draco is, in almost every way, the archetypal bully. With the unquestioning belief in his own superior status he has imbibed from his pure-blood parents, he initially offers Harry friendship on the assumption that the offer needs only to be made to be accepted. The wealth of his family stands in contrast to the poverty of the Weasleys; this too, is a source of pride to Draco, even though the Weasleys’ blood credentials are identical to his own.

Everybody recognises Draco because everybody has known somebody like him. Such people’s belief in their own superiority can be infuriating, laughable or intimidating, depending on the circumstances in which one meets them. Draco succeeds in provoking all of these feelings in Harry, Ron and Hermione at one time or another.

My British editor questioned the fact that Draco was so accomplished at Occlumency, which Harry (for all his ability in producing a Patronus so young) never mastered. I argued that it was perfectly consistent with Draco’s character that he would find it easy to shut down emotion, to compartmentalise, and to deny essential parts of himself. Dumbledore tells Harry, at the end of Order of the Phoenix, that it is an essential part of his humanity that he can feel such pain; with Draco, I was attempting to show that the denial of pain and the suppression of inner conflict can only lead to a damaged person (who is much more likely to inflict damage on other people).

Draco never realises that he becomes, for the best part of a year, the true owner of the Elder Wand. It is as well that he does not, partly because the Dark Lord is skilled in Legilimency, and would have killed Draco in a heartbeat if he had had an inkling of the truth, but also because, his latent conscience notwithstanding, Draco remains prey to all the temptations that he has been taught to admire - violence and power among them.

I pity Draco, just as I feel sorry for Dudley. Being raised by either the Malfoys or the Dursleys would be a very damaging experience, and Draco undergoes dreadful trials as a direct result of his family’s misguided principles. However, the Malfoys do have a saving grace: they love each other. Draco is motivated quite as much by fear of something happening to his parents as to himself, while Narcissa risks everything when she lies to Voldemort at the end of Deathly Hallows and tells him that Harry is dead, merely so that she can get to her son.

For all this, Draco remains a person of dubious morality in the seven published books, and I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character (although I do not discount the appeal of Tom Felton, who plays Draco brilliantly in the films and, ironically, is about the nicest person you could meet). Draco has all the dark glamour of the anti-hero; girls are very apt to romanticise such people. All of this left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold common sense on ardent readers’ daydreams as I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice and that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.

I imagine that Draco grew up to lead a modified version of his father’s existence; independently wealthy, without any need to work, Draco inhabits Malfoy Manor with his wife and son. I see in his hobbies further confirmation of his dual nature. The collection of Dark artefacts harks back to family history, even though he keeps them in glass cases and does not use them. However, his strange interest in alchemical manuscripts, from which he never attempts to make a Philosopher’s Stone, hints at a wish for something other than wealth, perhaps even the wish to be a better man. I have high hopes that he will raise Scorpius to be a much kinder and more tolerant Malfoy than he was in his own youth.

Draco had many surnames before I settled on ‘Malfoy’. At various times in the earliest drafts he is Smart, Spinks or Spungen. His Christian name comes from a constellation - the dragon - and yet his wand core is of unicorn.

This was symbolic. There is, after all - and at the risk of re-kindling unhealthy fantasies - some unextinguished good at the heart of Draco.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Discovered in chapter 5, Diagon Alley

Draco and Harry first meet in Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions in Diagon Alley, where they are both being fitted for school robes. Draco immediately tells Harry some of his opinions: that Hogwarts shouldn't admit students unless they are from all-wizarding familes (like his own), that Slytherin is the best house at Hogwarts and that it would be a crime if he were not chosen for his house’s Quidditch team. He doesn’t know at the time that he is talking to Harry Potter, and Harry leaves without introducing himself.

Discovered in chapter 6, The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

On the Hogwarts Express, Draco tries to befriend Harry. Having learnt from the rest of the students that Harry is on the train, Draco enters Harry’s compartment and introduces himself, Crabbe and Goyle. He tells Harry that some wizarding families are “better” than others. After warning Harry against making friends with the “wrong” sort (such as the Weasleys), and offering to help him make friends with the right ones, he attempts to shake Harry’s hand. Harry, already friends with Ron, does not accept.

Discovered in chapter 7, The Sorting Hat

Malfoy swaggers forward to the Sorting Hat when his name is called. The hat barely touches his head before screaming 'Slytherin'. Malfoy goes to join his friends looking very pleased with himself.

Discovered in chapter 9, The Midnight Duel

Draco, who is sorted into Slytherin, goads and taunts other students, especially Harry and his friends. During their first flying lesson, Draco snatches Neville's Remembrall and flies off; when Harry demands he return it, Draco throws the item so far Harry has to make a fifty-foot dive on a broomstick to catch it.

Discovered in chapter 14, Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Draco frequently tries to get Harry and his friends in trouble with the school staff. He spies on them, discovering in the process that Hagrid is keeping an illegal dragon. He tries to alert the staff to Harry, Ron and Hermione's plan to smuggle the dragon out of the school; he’s successful in getting Harry, Hermione and Neville in trouble but also loses points from Slytherin and earns a detention for being out of bed in the middle of the night.

During this detention, Draco is initially grouped with Neville and Fang. Draco sneaks behind Neville and scares him into sending up warning sparks, causing Hagrid to reassign the groups. As a result, Draco is with Harry when they both see a hooded figure drinking blood from a dead unicorn. Draco screams and runs away.

Discovered in chapter 17, The Man with Two Faces

When it appears Slytherin has won the House Cup, Draco gloats, banging his goblet on the table in triumph. After the last minute points are awarded and Gryffindor wins the Cup, Draco looks as stunned and horrified as if he had been hit with the full Body-Bind curse.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

"Draco Malfoy is a second-year student with white-blond hair, cold grey eyes and a pale, pointed face. A Slytherin whose family has been linked to the Dark Arts, Draco often taunts Harry and his friends."

Discovered in chapter 4, At Flourish and Blotts

Draco's imminent entry into Borgin and Burkes causes Harry to hide in a large black cabinet in the shop. Draco is with his father, Lucius, and is heard complaining about Harry's fame and the favourable treatment Hermione receives from the Hogwarts teachers. He shows interest in numerous Dark objects including the Hand of Glory, a cursed opal necklace and a coil of hangman's rope.

Draco comes face to face with Harry, Ron and Hermione in Flourish and Blotts. He taunts Harry, Ron and Ginny Weasley and is present when his father Lucius gets into an altercation with Arthur Weasley.

Discovered in chapter 7, Mudbloods and Murmurs

When the Slytherin team arrive at the Gryffindor Quidditch practice Draco is revealed as their new seeker. When Hermione accuses Draco of buying his way onto the team, with the seven new Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones donated by Lucius, he calls her a Mudblood. The Gryffindors are visibly shocked by the use of this term and Ron attempts to curse Draco. The spell backfires and causes Ron himself to vomit slugs. Draco is paralysed with laughter at the sight, he drops to all fours and hammers the ground with his fist.

Discovered in chapter 8, The Deathday Party

When Draco sees the threatening words daubed on the wall and Mrs Norris hanging from a torch bracket, he claims that the Mudbloods will be next. He grins and his eyes seem to be alive while his usually bloodless face is flushed.

Discovered in chapter 10, The Rogue Bludger

During the first Quidditch match of the season Draco taunts Harry and shows off the superior speed of his broom. Later on in the match, when Harry is trying to avoid the rogue Bludger, Draco is so preoccupied with jeering at Harry that he does not see the Snitch flying right by his head. After the match Draco is reprimanded by Marcus Flint for not noticing that the Snitch was on top of his head.

Discovered in chapter 11, The Duelling Club

When Harry throws a Filibuster Firework into Gregory Goyle's cauldron, Draco's face is covered with Swelling Solution. The effects of the potion are so great that his head droops due to the weight of his nose.

During the Duelling Club Draco is paired with Harry. Despite being told to only disarm their partners, Draco hits Harry with a spell that causes him to dance in a sort of quickstep and Harry hits Draco with a Tickling Charm. When Draco and Harry are asked to demonstrate the blocking of unfriendly spells to the club, Draco casts a spell that causes a snake to shoot out of the end of his wand.

Discovered in chapter 12, The Polyjuice Potion

On Christmas Day Draco meets Harry and Ron (disguised as Crabbe and Goyle) in the dungeons. He leads them to the Slytherin common room and shows them a newspaper cutting which describes Arthur Weasley's fine from the Ministry of Magic for enchanting the Ford Anglia. He then reveals that he does not know who the heir of Slytherin is.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Discovered in chapter 6, Talons and Tea Leaves

Draco attends the Care of Magical Creatures lesson with the Gryffindors and Slytherins. He makes snide remarks about the suitability of The Monster Book of Monsters after Hagrid realises no one has been able to open them, sneering at the idea that stroking the books was the obvious way to open them. When the students are allocated their Hippogriffs, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are introduced to Buckbeak. As he wasn't listening during Hagrid's introductory warnings, Draco insults Buckbeak. As a result, Buckbeak attacks him, slashing his talons across his arm. Draco lets out a high-pitched scream, convinced that he is dying, and is carried to the hospital wing by Hagrid.

Discovered in chapter 13, Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw

Malfoy walks over to the Gryffindor table to take a closer look at the Firebolt. He maliciously tells Harry that it would be better if it came with a parachute, for the next time Harry encounters a Dementor.

Malfoy tries to sabotage Harry's performance during the Quidditch match by posing as a Dementor. He stands on Gregory Goyle's shoulders, draped in a long, black, hooded robe. He gets quite a shock when Harry produces the Patronus - which heads towards him - and ends up in a crumpled heap on the ground along with Marcus Flint, Goyle and Vincent Crabbe. Malfoy is given detention by Professor McGonagall, and has fifty points deducted from Slytherin.

Discovered in chapter 14, Snape's Grudge

Draco, Crabbe and Goyle running

Malfoy arrives at the Shrieking Shack with Crabbe and Goyle in tow. When he spots Ron, seemingly alone, he begins to insult him. Malfoy is confused when he is splattered with mud, as it appears to have come from nowhere. He and his cronies attempt to find who is throwing the mud but cannot see anyone. Malfoy is horrified when he sees Harry's apparently floating head appear out of nowhere, and runs back down the hill.

After seeing the apparent apparition of Harry's floating head at the Shrieking Shack, Malfoy runs back to Hogwarts and tells Professor Snape what he has seen.

Discovered in chapter 15, The Quidditch Final

Malfoy is sitting in the Great Hall when the Gryffindor team enter on the morning of the Quidditch final. He looks paler than usual. During the match, Malfoy keeps close to Harry as they search for the Snitch. He is given a penalty when he attempts to stop Harry from catching the Snitch by holding on to the tail of his Firebolt. Malfoy spots the Snitch and attempts to catch it, but is overtaken by Harry on the Firebolt, and loses the match.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Discovered in chapter 8, The Quidditch World Cup

Draco attends the Quidditch World Cup with his father and mother. They have seats in the Top Box, and arrive after the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Draco shoots Harry, Ron and Hermione a contemptuous look as he takes his seat between his parents.

Discovered in chapter 9, The Dark Mark

Harry, Ron and Hermione come across Draco as they make their way through the chaos at the campsite. He tells Hermione that she should be worried, as the wizards attacking the campsite are after Muggles. He thinks it would be amusing to see her being attacked, and tells them they are mistaken if they think she won't be recognised - that the wizards attacking the campsite would recognise a Mudblood when they see one. He doesn't deny that his parents are among the masked wizards attacking the campsite, but tells Harry he wouldn't tell him if they were.

Discovered in chapter 11, Aboard the Hogwarts Express

On the Hogwarts Express, Draco is overheard saying that his father, Lucius, considered sending him to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. Later in the journey, Draco appears in the doorway of Harry, Ron and Hermione's compartment. He notices a sleeve of Ron's dress robes dangling from Pigwidgeon's cage, and is quick to have a closer look at the garment. He is ecstatic as he holds them up, and ridicules Ron for their age and old-fashioned style. Malfoy reveals that he knows what event is happening at Hogwarts this year, and is delighted that Ron, whose father and brother work for the Ministry of Magic, has no idea.

Discovered in chapter 13, Mad-Eye Moody

Draco receives a parcel full of sweets and cakes from home on the first day back at Hogwarts.

Unimpressed by Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures lesson, Draco wants to know why exactly the students would want to help raise Blast-Ended Skrewts. He asks Hagrid what it is that Skrewts do, and what the point of raising them is; later sarcastically asking who wouldn't want to pets who can burn, sting and bite all at once.

Draco calls out to Ron in the Entrance Hall as he sees the trio in the queue for dinner. He holds a copy of the Daily Prophet, and reads out the article about Ron's father loudly, so that everyone in the Entrance Hall can hear him. Draco starts to insult Mrs Weasley, and Ron's home, but becomes angry when Harry retaliates with comments about Draco's mother, Narcissa. There is a loud bang as Draco sends a spell at Harry, narrowly missing him. There is a second loud bang as Draco is Transfigured by Professor Moody as a punishment; a pure white ferret stands shivering on the stone-flagged floor, exactly where Draco had been standing. The ferret, Draco, attemts to escape towards the dungeons, but Moody controls him and makes him fly ten feet into the air, falling with a smack on the floor, then bouncing upwards once more. Draco the ferret bounces higher and higher, controlled by Moody, squealing in pain, his legs and tail flailing helplessly. Draco is transformed back into his human form by Professor McGonagall moments later; he lies in a heap on the floor, his sleek blonde hair all over his face. He winces as he gets to his feet, his eyes watering with pain and humiliation, and glares at Moody malevolently. His upper arm is seized by Moody, and he is marched off towards the dungeons by the Professor.

Discovered in chapter 15, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

Draco doesn't appreciate Hagrid's suggestion that the Care of Magical Creatures students come down to his hut on alternate evenings to observe the Blast-Ended Skrewts as part of their class project, and flatly refuses to do it. He flushes with anger when Hagrid retaliates by mentioning the ferret episode, the memory apparently sufficient to stop him from retorting.

Discovered in chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands

Draco Malfoy stands outside the dungeon with his fellow Slytherin students waiting for the Potions lesson to begin. The whole group wear badges that display their support of Cedric Diggory as the real Hogwarts Triwizard champion. Draco loudly hails Harry when he sees him and shows the second trick of the badges: by pressing the badge into his chest, the message changes to read POTTER STINKS. Malfoy howls with laughter, taunting Harry and Hermione. When Harry pulls his wand out, Malfoy draws his own, telling Harry to duel if he has the guts. For a split second the boys look into each other's eyes, then, at exactly the same time, attack the other. Draco's Densaugeo spell richochets off Harry's Furnunculus spell and hits Hermione instead. When Professor Snape arrives Draco places all the blame on Harry, escaping any punishment. He smirks at Harry as they take their places in the classroom, pressing his badge so that the POTTER STINKS message displays out of Snape's view.

Discovered in chapter 21, The House-Elf Liberation Front

Draco attends the Care of Magical Creatures lesson with his fellow Slytherin students. When the Blast-Ended Skrewts escape from their boxes and rampage over the pumpkin patch, he flees into Hagrid's cabin with the other students, barricading the door for safety.

Discovered in chapter 23, The Yule Ball

Draco attends the Yule Ball with Pansy Parkinson, wearing dress robes of black velvet with a high collar, which Harry thinks gives him the appearance of a vicar.

Discovered in chapter 24, Rita Skeeter's Scoop

Malfoy takes great pleasure in showing Harry and Ron Rita Skeeter's article about Hagrid in the Daily Prophet. Malfoy was interviewed by Rita Skeeter for the article, although he and his fellow Slytherins gave a lot of exaggerated and incorrect information to the journalist. He taunts Harry about Hagrid at every possible opportunity during the next week, gloating that the teacher hasn't shown his face since the article was published.

Discovered in chapter 27, Padfoot Returns

Malfoy stands with Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy Parkinson outside the Potions classroom, sniggering heartily at the article about Harry's 'Secret Heartache' in Witch Weekly.

Discovered in chapter 31, The Third Task

Harry, Ron and Hermione observe Malfoy acting suspiciously prior to the third task. He is standing in the shadow of a tree in the castle grounds, holding his hand up to his mouth and speaking to it, almost as though he is using a walkie-talkie. Malfoy taunts Harry when Rita Skeeter's latest article appears in the Daily Prophet announcing that Harry is disturbed and dangerous.

Discovered in chapter 37, The Beginning

Draco enters Harry, Ron and Hermione's compartment on the Hogwarts Express during the journey to Kings Cross, having overheard Hermione's revelation about Rita Skeeter. He taunts Harry about Cedric Diggory's death, and tells Harry that he picked the wrong side. Draco reminds Harry that he warned him on their first day at Hogwarts that he should choose his company carefully, and tells the trio that now the Dark Lord is back, Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers will be the first to be dealt with. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle are hit simultaneously by several jinxes performed by Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George, and lie slumped, unconscious on the train floor.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Discovered in chapter 13, Detention with Dolores

During their Care of Magical Creatures lesson with Professor Grubbly-Plank, Draco suggests to Harry that Hagrid has been injured. He makes several pointed remarks about Hagrid messing with things that are too big for him, hinting that he knows something Harry doesn't. He loudly mentions that the Ministry has been cracking down on sub-standard teaching at Hogwarts, and that Hagrid would probably be sacked if he were to return to the school.

Discovered in chapter 27, The Centaur and the Sneak

Draco hides in a niche beneath an ugly dragon-shaped vase in the corridor outside the Room of Requirement. He performs a Trip Jinx on Harry as he attempts to escape, causing Harry to fall and skid along the floor. Draco calls Professor Umbridge after catching Harry, then walks away to try and round up more of the students.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discovered in chapter 2, Spinner's End

Draco has been given a dangerous, secret task to do by Lord Voldemort. His mother believes he has been chosen in revenge against his father, Lucius, for being captured and failing to retrieve the prophecy from the Department of Mysteries. According to his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco seems glad for the chance to prove himself to the Dark Lord, and is excited at the prospect.

Draco's mother, Narcissa, asks Snape to make the Unbreakable Vow to help protect Draco. Snape vows to watch over Draco as he attempts to fulfill Lord Voldemort's wishes, to protect him from harm to the best of his ability and to carry out Lord Voldemort's task if Draco is unable, or appears to be failing.

Discovered in chapter 6, Draco's Detour

Draco Malfoy hurries past Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley, glancing over his shoulder as he passes the shop. He walks down the street and turns into Knockturn Alley, disappearing from view.

Discovered in chapter 9, The Half-Blood Prince

Draco attends the sixth-year Potions lesson with his fellow N.E.W.T. students. He gives Professor Slughorn his undivided attention when the professor shows the class Felix Felicis, liquid luck, and offers a small vial of it as a prize to the student who makes the best Draught of Living Death by the end of the lesson. He rifles feverishly though his copy of Advanced Potion Making, desperately wanting that twelve hours of luck. He mentions his grandfather, Abraxas Malfoy, to Slughorn, clearly hoping for some preferential treatment due to the connection, but is disappointed in the response.

Discovered in chapter 12, Silver and Opals

Draco is accused by Harry of placing Katie Bell under the Imperius Curse and giving her the cursed necklace to deliver to Hogwarts.

Discovered in chapter 15, The Unbreakable Vow

Draco is found lurking in the corridor near Professor Slughorn's office by Filch. He claims to have received an invitation to Slughorn's party, and is dragged there by the ear by Filch. When confronted, Draco angrily says that he was trying to gatecrash the party. He is allowed to remain by Slughorn, in the spirit of Christmas, but is led out of the party to a nearby classroom by Professor Snape, who wants a word with him.

Draco's appearance has changed over the term; he has dark shadows under his eyes and a distinctly greyish tinge to his skin. He resents Snape questioning him, and tells the teacher that he had nothing to do with Katie Bell's encounter with the cursed opal necklace. Draco has repeatedly ignored Snape's requests to meet in his office, and doesn't want any help completing his task for Lord Voldemort. He tells Snape that his plans are none of his business. Draco has been taught Occlumency by his aunt, Bellatrix, and uses it to resist Snape's attempt at Legilimency. He is convinced that Snape is trying to steal his glory, and storms away from his Head of House, out of the classroom and out of sight.

Discovered in chapter 18, Birthday Surprises

Draco attends the Apparition lesson in the Great Hall. He has a whispered argument with Crabbe and Goyle as the students assemble, flushing and stepping away when he is told to pay attention by Professor McGonagall. During the lesson, Malfoy continues his argument with Crabbe, telling his friend that 'it' is taking longer than he thought it would, and that he doesn't know how much longer it will take. His hand flies to his wand when Harry interrupts, revealing that he has overheard, but the pair are disrupted by the Heads of House calling order.

Discovered in chapter 24, Sectumsempra

Draco is discovered by Harry in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, crying in desperation about his task for Lord Voldemort. Draco Malfoy is cursed by Harry during their ensuing duel with the spell Sectumsempra, after attempting to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry. Blood spurts from Draco's face and chest as though slashed by an invisible sword, and he staggers back and collapses on the bathroom floor, his wand falling from his limp hand. He shakes uncontrollably on the floor, lying in a pool of his own blood. Draco is saved by Professor Snape, who performs a counter-curse, and is escorted to the hospital wing by his Head of House.

Discovered in chapter 27, The Lightning-Struck Tower

Draco runs up to the Astronomy Tower, disarming Dumbledore when he finds the Headmaster alone. He tells Dumbledore that there are Death Eaters at Hogwarts, and reveals that he repaired the school's broken Vanishing Cabinet, whose pair is in Borgin and Burkes, to create a passage into the school. He denies Dumbledore's suggestion that he is not up to the task Lord Voldemort gave him, and accusation of being afraid.

Draco admits to Dumbledore that it was Madam Rosmerta, whom he Imperiused, who arranged for the cursed necklace to be given to a student to take to Dumbledore, and who poisoned Slughorn's mead. Draco is proud of his ingenuity in communicating with Madam Rosmerta through enchanted coins, and admits he got the idea from Dumbledore's Army the previous year. Draco insists to Dumbledore that Snape is a double-agent, and thinks the Headmaster is stupid for trusting in the teacher.

Draco appears unable to kill Dumbledore, despite being egged on by the Death Eaters who appear on the Astronomy Tower. He is horrified when he sees Fenrir Greyback, having been unaware the werewolf was joining the Death Eaters at Hogwarts. Draco looks terrified as he stares at Dumbledore, his hand shaking so badly he can barely take aim. He is roughly pushed aside by Snape when the professor arrives on the Astronomy Tower, and watches as Snape casts the Killing Curse at the Headmaster.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Discovered in chapter 23, Malfoy Manor

The three wands Draco holds are wrestled from his hands by Harry after the chandelier crashes in the drawing room of Malfoy Manor.

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