Dumbledore's Army is the eighteenth chapter in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


‘Umbridge has been reading your mail, Harry. There’s no other explanation.’

‘You think Umbridge attacked Hedwig?’ he said, outraged.

‘I’m almost certain of it,’ said Hermione grimly. ‘Watch your frog, it’s escaping.’

Harry pointed his wand at the bullfrog that had been hopping hopefully towards the other side of the table – ‘Accio!’ – and it zoomed gloomily back into his hand.

Charms was always one of the best lessons in which to enjoy a private chat; there was generally so much movement and activity that the danger of being overheard was very slight. Today, with the room full of croaking bullfrogs and cawing ravens, and with a heavy downpour of rain clattering and pounding against the classroom windows, Harry, Ron and Hermione’s whispered discussion about how Umbridge had nearly caught Sirius went quite unnoticed.


There are no moments from this chapter.

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