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Dumbledore is Suspended is the second moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 14, Cornelius Fudge.


‘Dreadful thing, Dumbledore,’ said Mr Malfoy lazily, taking out a long roll of parchment, ‘but the governors feel it’s time for you to step aside. This is an Order of Suspension – you’ll find all twelve signatures on it. I’m afraid we feel you’re losing your touch.’



Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels: you have to zoom out from Zoom 1.

Zoom 1

  • If you hover over one of the slugs on the largest pumpkin (on the right of the screen), it will explode.

Zoom 2

Zoom 3

  • There is a key on the floor inside Hagrid's hut. You should still be able to get it after the door slams shut.
  • There is an infusion on wormwood on top of the barrel next to the door to the hut.
  • There are dried nettles hanging next to the window.


There are general night-time noises and the occasional hooting owl.

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