The Dungbomb is a collectible object.


These contraband items are useful for clearing a room.


You can find it with the third zoom over the night stand between the beds.

Playstation Home



Dungbombs are also an item in the Book Herding game on Pottermore PlayStation Home


When a Dungbomb is dropped (by pressing the X button), books get scared and move away from the bomb drop as quickly as possible. This can be used to quickly move books into the cages.

Acquiring Dungbombs

Each player starts out with three Dungbombs in their possession. More can be picked up when they appear on the field. They appear like all other items and spells in the Book Herding game: randomly and as an icon. The player who moves over Dungbomb icon first, gets the Dungbombs. Unlike the other available items and spells, they have to be manually activated by the player.

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