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Congratualtions to all one-in-a-millions, Pottermorean.

To all of those who stayed up all night or hung in there through all the daylight hours to catch the magic quill, you are to be saluted for your success. Not to mention your luck.

The successful Early Sign-Up winner is a contest entry of the worldwide Pottermore internet competition who had to surmount three challenges, much as did the Champions of the Tri-wizard Tournament. The fortunate winner provided the correct answer to the clue. Then they calculated the correct answer to a math question put to them. And, finally, they were able to possess the magic quill. The competition was held over a course of seven days, from July 31, 2011 to August 6, 2011. All contest hours were based on BST.

The following is a partial list of the contest-winners, the first million Pottermoreans:

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