Felix Felicis is the fourteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


Harry had Herbology first thing the following morning. He had been unable to tell Ron and Hermione about his lesson with Dumbledore over breakfast for fear of being overheard, but he filled them in as they walked across the vegetable patch towards the greenhouses. The weekend’s brutal wind had died out at last; the weird mist had returned and it took them a little longer than usual to find the correct greenhouse.

‘Wow, scary thought, the boy You-Know-Who,’ said Ron quietly, as they took their places around one of the gnarled Snargaluff stumps that formed that term’s project, and began pulling on their protective gloves. ‘But I still don’t get why Dumbledore’s showing you all this. I mean, it’s really interesting and everything, but what’s the point?’

‘Dunno,’ said Harry, inserting a gum shield. ‘But he says it’s all important and it’ll help me survive.’


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