A stunningly beautiful girl, Fleur has long, silvery blonde hair that falls almost to her waist, large, deep blue eyes and very white, even teeth. She closely resembles a Veela, and has a similar effect on men to the creatures.

From the Story

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 16, The Goblet of Fire

Fleur is chosen as the Beauxbatons Triwizard Tournament champion by the Goblet of Fire.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 17, The Four Champions

Fleur is standing by the fire in the small room when Harry enters. She asks Harry what he wants, wrongly assuming that he has come to deliver a message to the three champions. When Ludo Bagman introduces Harry as the fourth Triwizard champion, Fleur smiles, certain that he is joking. She is less amused when she hears that Harry's name came out of the Goblet of Fire, and tells Bagman there must have been a mistake. She strides over to her Headmistress when she enters the room, protesting the fact that Harry is to be allowed to enter the Triwizard Tournament. She is escorted from the room by Madame Maxime after it has become clear that there is no option other than to allow Harry to compete in the Tournament, the pair talking rapidly to each other in French.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands

Fleur stands talking to Cedric Diggory as she waits for the Wand Weighing ceremony to begin. She appears to be a great deal happier than she has seemed since she arrived, and repeatedly throws back her head so that her hair catches the light. Fleur is the first champion to present her wand to Mr Ollivander. She tells Ollivander that the Veela hair used in her wand is one of her grandmother's, revealing that she is part Veela. She gives Harry a very patronising look when she sees him attempting to clean his wand before the ceremony.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 20, The First Task

Fleur Delacour picks the Common Welsh Green dragon as her opponent in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. She is the second champion to do the first task. Fleur attempetd to put the dragon into a trance to allow her to fetch the egg, but her skirt caught fire when the dragon snored in its sleep.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 23, The Yule Ball

As the Christmas holidays begin, Fleur appears to be the only person able to complain about anything at Hogwarts. She thinks all the warming stew and savoury pudding produced by the house-elves is too heavy, and worries that she won't fit into her dress robes.

Fleur attends the Yule Ball with Roger Davies, the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain. She wears robes of silver-grey satin, and looks stunning as she enters the Great Hall with the other champions. She is unimpressed by the decorations in the Great Hall, and spends much of the dinner telling Roger all about Christmas at Beauxbatons.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 26, The Second Task

Fleur stands by the judges' table at the lake waiting for the second task to begin. She uses the Bubble-Head Charm to allow her to breathe underwater, but is unable to complete the task after being attacked by Grindylows on her way to find her hostage. Fleur is frantic when Harry returns from the lake, scared that her sister has been hurt, or worse, during the ordeal in the lake. She fights against Madame Maxime's restraint as Harry and Ron bring Gabrielle back to shore, eventually breaking free and running to her sister. Fleur is very grateful to Harry for rescuing her sister, and kisses him and Ron twice on each cheek as she thanks them. Fleur is awarded twenty-five points for her efforts in the task, although she insists she deserves a zero.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 28, The Madness of Mr Crouch

Fleur is standing in the middle of the Quidditch pitch with Viktor Krum and Ludo Bagman when Harry and Cedric arrive. She listens as Bagman explains what the third Triwizard task will be. As she is currently the champion with the lowest score, Fleur will be the last champion to enter the maze.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 31, The Third Task

Fleur is greeted by her mother and sister in the room off the Great Hall on the morning of the third task, and jabbers away in French to them both. She eyes Bill with interest over her mother's shoulder, clearly having no objection to his long hair or fang earrings.

After the evening feast, Fleur makes her way to the Quidditch pitch with Ludo Bagman and the other three champions. She is introduced to the crowd by Ludo Bagman, and enters the maze last, in accordance with her number of awarded points. At some point during the task, Fleur lets out a scream. There is silence afterwards, but no sign of red sparks to alert the teachers patrolling the maze.

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 37, The Beginning

Fleur attends the Leaving Feast with Madame Maxime and her fellow Beauxbatons students. They are encouraged by Professor Dumbledore to embrace the ties promoted by the Triwizard Tournament, and are invited back to Hogwarts should they ever want or need to come.</p>

Fleur hurries up the stone steps into the castle just before the Beauxbatons carriage is about to depart, looking for Harry. She tells Harry that she hopes they will see each other again, and tells him she is hoping to get a job in the country to improve her English. She hurries back across the lawn towards Madame Maxime after talking to Harry, ready to leave Hogwarts.

Discovered in Book 5, Chapter 4, Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

Fleur started working at Gringotts in Diagon Alley during the summer, to improve her English.

Discovered in Book 6, Chapter 30, The White Tomb

Fleur attends the funeral of Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts. She supports Bill, her fiancé, at the funeral after his attack.

Fleur and Bill during Dobby's funeral. ("Here Lies Dobby")

Discovered in Book 7, Chapter 4, The Seven Potters

Fleur is one of the six decoy Harry Potters for the journey from Privet Drive. She travels by Thestral with Bill.

Discovered in Book 7, Chapter 8, The Wedding

Fleur marries Bill Weasley in a ceremony at The Burrow.

Discovered in Book 7, Chapter 24, The Wandmaker

Fleur and Bill live at Shell Cottage. The pair look after those who arrive from Malfoy Manor. Fleur joins the others for Dobby's funeral at the end of their garden.