Flobberworm Mucus is an ingredient used in potion-making to thicken potions.


"The mucus from the Flobberworm is sometimes used to thicken potions. The Flobberworm is a thick brown worm that can grow up to ten inches long."


Flobberworm Mucus is used to brew the following potions:

How to brew

When brewing a potion, you will be asked to add a number of drops to your cauldron. Whether it's due to an unknown glitch or not, simply adding two drops (visually) will not do the trick. Slowly add as much drops as it takes until you see the number you need in the measurment circle. Do this slowly, as the pattern of how it works is yet unknown.

Before you add the ingredient itself, pick up the bottle by holding it on the top. Holding a bottle near the bottom will result in a terrible balance and you will spill the ingredient all over the table.


Pottermore PlayStation Home

On Pottermore PlayStation Home, Flobberworm Mucus is one of the items in the Book Herding game. When the player moves over the Flobberworm Mucus item, several blobs of sticky mucus are dropped on the area. Books stick to it, so players should try herding the opponents' books into the mucus and keep their own books away from it. The mucus disappears after 20 seconds, freeing the books that were stuck.


  • Flobberworms are thick brown worms that can grow up to ten inches long

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