Flying to Hogwarts is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 5, The Whomping Willow.


‘We’re going to miss the train,’ Ron whispered. ‘I don’t understand why the gateway’s sealed itself …’

Harry looked up at the giant clock with a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. Ten seconds … nine seconds …


New from J. K. Rowling

Zoom levels

This moment has 6 zoom levels, not all of which show anything meaningful. You cannot zoom back out.

Zoom 1

  • First off, on the top right corner of the Ford Anglia, you'll see a squashed Dragonfly. You can actually collect it on any zoom, but this is the first one where it shows up, so I'll only mention it now.
  • To the Right to the car you see King's Cross Station. It's the big building with the cross on it, if you didn't figure that out. Click on it to get some new info from J.K. Rowling about it.

Zoom 2

Just clouds…

Zoom 3

  • You can find the Root of Aconite right to the right of your car. Just hover your cursor over where you see two dark trees and it should light up.

Zoom 4

Just clouds…

Zoom 5

  • First, the Valerian Sprigs are to the right and a little bit down from the right bottom bumper of the car. You'll see a little patch of purple plants there, and move your cursor along the ones next to what looks like a small river between it and another bunch of purple plants.
  • The Lavender is found in a long line going down to the right of the Hogwarts Express. You'll find them in the larger patch closer to the water.

Zoom 6

Same background as Zoom 5 but the car zooms off the top of the picture.


Depending on what zoom you are in, you can hear the engine of the car, birds, and, on the final zoom, the Hogwarts Express engine. In every zoom, hovering over the car makes thumping noises and you can hear some incoherent vocal sounds.

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