Follow the Spiders is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 15, Aragog.


A second later, Harry spotted something that made him hit Ron over the hand with his pruning shears.

‘Ouch! What’re you —’

Harry was pointing at the ground a few feet away. Several large spiders were scurrying across the earth.


Zoom levels

This moment technically has 2 zoom levels, although they show by panning across one wide shot of the Hogwarts grounds.

You can only "zoom in" to Zoom 2 once you have found all 3 spiders in Zoom 1.

Zoom 1

  • Beaumont Marjoribanks Chocolate Frog Card is in the cabbage-like plants just to the left of Harry's knee
  • Shrivelfigs can be found on the plant in the center of the screen just below Harry's right hand.
  • The spiders' hiding places will shake when your pointer is on them:
    • The fourth plant from the left in the row in front of Harry
    • The seventh plant from the left in the row furthest back
    • The root-ball of the middle plant of the ones being tended by students
  • Five Galleons can be found after you find at least three spiders in the vegetable patch. This is not a required action to continue exploring the remaining chapters.

Zoom 2

  • Three more spiders' hiding places will likewise shake when moused over:
    • The rock in the middle of the field
    • The longer grass to the right of the rock
    • The large bush in the middle in front of the other bushes


You can hear birds chirping, and an odd rustling sound which seems to be emanating from the greenhouses.

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