Four Triwizard Champions is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 17, The Four Champions.


‘Extraordinary!’ he muttered, squeezing Harry’s arm. ‘Absolutely extraordinary! Gentlemen… lady,’ he added, approaching the fireside and addressing the other three. ‘May I introduce — incredible though it may seem – the fourth Triwizard champion?’



Bertie Bott's Beans

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Zoom 1

Chapter 17 1.png

Nothing to collect here: the door creaks when you mouse over it.

Zoom 2

Nothing here either, this is just an enlarged portion of Zoom 1. For some reason the portraits in Zoom 3 react when you move the mouse over where they are hidden behind the door.

Zoom 3

Chapter 17 2.png
  • The bean is on the floor in front of the fire.
  • The card is on the rather ornate mantelpiece.
  • The Galleon is on the floor beyond Cedric's feet.

Various portraits react when you mouse over them.

  • Some of the portraits gasp or groan: at least one moves slightly
  • The chandelier sways and creaks


From outside the room, you can hear a lot of whispering—more than can be accounted for by the number of visible people in the room—and there is a booming voice in the background somewhere.

Once inside, mostly all you can hear is the roaring fire.

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