Herbicide is a potion which is made in the brewing potions mini-game.



Making the potion

Part one

Part two

Brew times

Time to return to cauldron

Points per hour ratio


  • Brewing a Herbicide potion is free. All of the ingredients regenerate. 
  • Probably due to its poor points per galleon-minute, according to the Pottermore Insider Herbicide was, under the previous Potion system, the least commonly brewed potion:
    • While Antidote to Common Poisons had an even worse points per galleon-minute, it was then much quicker to make.
    • Additionally almost all of Herbicide ingredients came in bottles (as they still do), which are known for being extremely unwieldy.
  • The extreme reduction of its brewing time (from 45m-60m to 1m20s-2m) might have been an effort from the Pottermore team to make it more appealing to brew to potioneers, as it happened with other potions (one the many changes seen on the Pottermore potion system).