Horned Slugs are an ingredient used in potion-making.


Horned Slugs are used to brew the following brewing potions:


24 jars for 1 Galleon
"The Mountain Troll"
In the sink on the right hand side
"Quidditch Practice"
In the pile of slugs next to Ron
"Exam Time"
In the water in the second layer
"The House on the Hill"
On top of the left gate pole
"The Misty Moor"
Zoom 2 on the left side near the bottom of screen
"A Hundred Horseless Carriages"
Zoom 2 on the rock pile by carriage starting over the hill
"Four Dragons"
"Facing the Dragon"
"Mrs Figg"
Zoom 1 on the wall between Mrs Figg and Harry
"The Carriages"
On the wagon wheel just to the left of Ron's foot.

Pottermore at Playstation Home

On Pottermore at Playstation Home, Horned Slugs is the 2nd Pottermore Card in part 1 of the Potions & Ingredients category.

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