Inside the Cave is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 26, The Cave.


'After me, I think,' said Dumbledore, and he walked through the archway with Harry on his heels, lighting his own wand hastily as he went. An eerie sight met their eyes: they were standing on the edge of a great black lake, so vast that Harry could not make out the distant banks, in a cavern so high that the ceiling, too, was out of sight. A misty greenish light shone far away in what looked like the middle of the lake; it was reflected in the completely still water below.




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Zoom Levels

Zoom 1

  • Scroll over some of the bodies and they will sink back into the lake.
  • Collect seaweed to the left of the body on the right reaching its hand out.

Zoom 2

  • Scroll over the bodies and some will move.
  • Scroll over Dumbledore and his spell will move.
  • Click the body directly left of Harry to unlock 'Inferi'.
  • Dumbledore's left hand will move.
  • Collect the pebble next to the body directly left from Dumbledore.

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