Items are various things on Pottermore which can be collected. There are eight types of items.


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On Pottermore, books are either collectible objects or items which expand the player's spell vocabulary (and possibly potions, in the future). Some books are only mentioned and can not be collected.


Main article: Cauldrons

Cauldrons are used to brew Potions in. If the player does not own a cauldron, the brewing game is unavailable.


Main article: Objects

Objects are collectable items, which rarely serve a purpose on Pottermore (one known example is the hairpin found during Lucius Malfoy being used during The Magic Word). Objects go into the trunk and award one house point when collected for the first time.

Chocolate Frog Cards

Main article: Chocolate Frog Cards

Chocolate frog cards are collectable cards of famous witches and wizards. They come with the popular wizarding candy Chocolate Frogs.


Main article: Ingredients

Ingredients are used to brew potions. Without ingredients, the player cannot brew potions and earn points with it.

Mentioned items

Main article: Mentioned Items

Mentioned items are objects which are only mentioned on Pottermore, but cannot be collected or found.


Main article: Wands

Wands are very important. Without a wand, the Dueling minigame and the Potions minigame are unavailable. Players can only get a wand once in the entire game.

Quidditch Equipment

Main article: Quidditch Equipment

Quidditch Equipment is a name for items which are used in the game of Quidditch.

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