Katie Bell is Cursed is the first Moment in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 12, Silver and Opals.


The moment Harry drained the last drops in his bottle she said, 'Shall we call it a day and head back to school, then?'

The other two nodded; it had not been a fun trip and the weather was getting worse the longer they stayed. Once again they drew their cloaks tightly around them, rearranged their scarves, pulled on their gloves; then followed Katie Bell and a friend out of the pub and back out the High Street.



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Zoom Levels

There are two zoom levels in this moment.

Zoom 1

Hp katie bell pt1.jpg
  • There is a snowball next to Leanne
  • There is a Pepper Imp in the trees behind Hermione's head
  • There are Woodlice on the ground behind Hermione.

Zoom 2

Hp katie bell pt2.jpg

Double Click to zoom.

  • Mouse over Katie Bell or Leanne and they move.
  • Clicking on the bag on the ground causes the cursed necklace to fall out.

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