"Leprechauns are magical beings; tiny, bearded men, they are the official mascots of the Irish National Quidditch Team."

From the Story

Discovered in Book4, Chapter 8, The Quidditch World Cup

"The leprechauns enter the stadium looking like a huge green-and-gold comet, and do one circuit of the stadium before splitting into two smaller comets, which hurtle towards the opposing sets of goalposts. A rainbow arcs across the pitch, connecting the two balls of light. After the rainbow fades, the leprechauns form a giant shamrock in the sky, which rises up and begins to soar over the stands. As it moves, heavy gold coins rain down from the shamrock. The leprechauns finally drift down onto the pitch, on the opposite side to the Veela, and settle themselves cross-legged to watch the match.

As the match progresses, the leprechauns take delight in taunting the Bulgarian fans and the Veela; they form themselves into phrases in the air, spelling out 'HA HA HA' and 'HEE HEE HEE' when Ireland are given a penalty, or the Bulgarian team is penalised."