Lily Evans-Potter
Gryffindor crest
Born 30 January 1960
Died 31 October 1981
Species Human
Parentage Muggle parents
Family Members Petunia Dursley, James Potter, Harry Potter
Affiliations Hogwarts, Order of the Phoenix
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand Willow, 10 and a quarter inches, swishy
Special Abilities No known special abilities
Hobbies Unknown
Lily Evans is Harry Potter's mother. She was married to James Potter. She was murdered by Voldemort when Harry was about a year old.

From the Story

"Lily Potter was Harry Potter's mother. She was murdered by Voldemort, along with her husband James, when Harry was just a year old. Harry is frequently told that he has her eyes."

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