Cornish Pixies (moment)Cowbane EssenceCracker
Crash LandingCrested ToadCrookshanks
Cruciatus CurseCrumple-Horned SnorkackCrystal Phials
Cure for BoilsCurse of BogiesCurses and Counter-Curses
CypressCyprian Youdle Chocolate Frog CardDaily Prophet
Daisy RootsDancing Feet SpellDancing at the Yule Ball
DawlishDe-gnoming the GardenDead Blowflies
Dean ThomasDeath ChamberDeath Eaters
Dedalus DiggleDefence Against the Dark ArtsDeletrius
DeluminatorDementorsDementors and Chocolate
Dennis CreeveyDensaugeoDepartment for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Department of International Magical Co-operationDepartment of Magical Accidents and CatastrophesDepartment of Magical Law Enforcement
Department of Magical TransportationDepartment of MysteriesDetention with Dolores
Devil’s SnareDiagon AlleyDiagon Alley (chapter)
Dirigible PlumDisarming CharmDiscoverer
Disillusionment CharmDissendium (moment)Dittany
DivinationDivination (moment)Dobby
Dobby's RewardDobby's WarningDobby Gallery
Dobby the House-elfDobby to the RescueDogwood
Dolores Jane UmbridgeDolores UmbridgeDonaghan Tremlett Chocolate Frog Card
Doris CrockfordDoxy EggsDoxycide
Doxycide (Potion)DoxysDraco's Detour
Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy GalleryDragon Blood
Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and ProfitDragon Dung CompostDragon Egg
Dragon FlightDragon HeartstringDragon Liver
Dragon ScaleDragon Species of Great Britain and IrelandDragonfly Thoraxes
DragonsDraught of Living DeathDress Robes
Dress Robes (clothing)Dried Billywig StingsDried Nettles
Droobles Best Blowing GumDrought CharmDudley Demented
Dudley DursleyDumbledore's ArmyDumbledore's Army (chapter)
Dumbledore's EscapeDumbledore's OfficeDumbledore's Office (location)
Dumbledore ReturnsDumbledore is SuspendedDumbledore’s Army: The Dark Side of the Demob
Dunbar Oglethorpe Chocolate Frog CardDungbombDurmstrang Institute
Dymphna Furmage Chocolate Frog CardEarly Sign-UpsEarmuffs
EarthwormEbonyEdgar Stroulger Chocolate Frog Card
Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four (chapter)Educational Decree Number Twenty-fourEducational Decree Number Twenty-three
Eel's EyesEeylops Owl EmporiumEeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie
ElderElder WandEldred Worple
Elf TailsElixir of LifeElladora Ketteridge Chocolate Frog Card
ElmEloise MidgenElphias Doge
Emerald PotionEmmeline VanceEmpty Ink Pot
Enchantment in BakingEncyclopedia of ToadstoolsEnemies of the Heir, Beware
English OakEngorgement CharmEradication Spell
Ernie MacMillanErnie PrangErrol
Evan RosierEvanescoEver-Bashing Boomerang
Exam TimeExpecto PatronumExploding Bonbons
ExplorerExtendable EarExtension Charms
Facing the DragonFairy WingsFake Wand
Fake WandsFallen WarriorFamiliars
FangFanged FrisbeeFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Fat FriarFat LadyFawkes
Felix FelicisFelix Felicis (chapter)Felix Felicis (moment)
Fenrir GreybackFerulaFight and Flight
Filibuster FireworksFinite IncantatemFir
Fire-Making SpellFire TongsFirebolt
FirenzeFirewhiskeyFirst-Floor Corridor
First-Floor Girls' ToiletsFlagrante CurseFlagrate
Flavius Belby Chocolate Frog CardFlesh, Blood and BoneFlesh-Eating Slug Repellent
Fleur DelacourFleur Delacour GalleryFlight of the Fat Lady
Flobberworm MucusFloo PowderFloo Powder (object)
Florean FortescueFlorean Fortescue's Ice Cream ParlourFlourish and Blotts
Flourish and Blotts AssistantFlower HeadsFluffy
Fluffy CushionFluxweedFlying Ford Anglia
Flying LessonFlying MotorbikeFlying lessons
Flying to HogwartsFoe-GlassFollow the Spiders
Forbidden ForestForgetfulness PotionFountain of Magical Brethren
Four-Point SpellFour DragonsFour Triwizard Champions
Frank BryceFrank LongbottomFred Weasley Gallery
Fred and George WeasleyFreezing CharmFridwulfa
Frog SpawnFrog Spawn SoapFrom Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper's Guide
Full Body-BindFull MoonGabriel Truman
Gabrielle DelacourGadding with GhoulsGalleon (badge)
GalleonsGambol and JapesGames Badges
GatewayGellert GrindelwaldGemino Curse
Gemma FarleyGeneral Counter-SpellGhost Plots
Gilderoy LockhartGilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household PestsGilderoy Lockhart (character)
GillyweedGinger CatGinger Newt
Ginger RootGinny WeasleyGinny Weasley Gallery
Gladys GudgeonGlanmore Peakes Chocolate Frog CardGlass Phials
Globe of the MoonGlover Hipworth Chocolate Frog CardGnomes
GobstonesGodric's HollowGodric's Hollow (chapter)
Godric GryffindorGodric Gryffindor Chocolate Frog CardGolden Egg
Golden SnitchGondoline Oliphant Chocolate Frog CardGrapes
GrawpGreat Wizarding Events of the Twentieth CenturyGreat Wizards of the Twentieth Century
Green SparksGreenhouse ThreeGreenhouses
Gregory GoyleGrey FeatherGrey Lady
Grim DefeatGrimmauld PlaceGrindylow
Gringott's DragonGringotts (chapter)Gringotts Wizarding Bank
GriphookGryffindorGryffindor Boys' Dormitories
Gryffindor Common RoomGryffindor CrestGryffindor Quidditch Team
Gryffindor TowerGryffindor Versus RavenclawGryffindor Wins the Cup
Gryffindor versus HufflepuffGulliver Pokeby Chocolate Frog CardGunhilda of Gorsemoor Chocolate Frog Card
GurdyrootHagridHagrid's First Lesson
Hagrid's HutHagrid's Pink UmbrellaHagrid's Secret
Hagrid's TaleHagrid's Wooden HouseHagrid Arrives
HagsHairpinHairy Caterpillars
Half-Blood PrinceHall of ProphecyHallowe'en
Hammer and NailsHand of GloryHannah Abbott
Harlequin ToadHarry's BirthdayHarry's Broken Arm
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