Harry's Early Days at HogwartsHarry's EscapeHarry's First Potions Lesson
Harry's Special DeliveryHarry's WandHarry Becomes an Outcast
Harry Destroys the DiaryHarry Goes ShoppingHarry Potter
Harry Potter (series)Harry Potter GalleryHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Receives His Letter at LastHarry Receives a Mysterious LetterHarry and Draco's Duel
Harry and Hagrid Visit GringottsHarry is DeliveredHassan Mostafa
Hate MailHatstallHawthorn
HazelHedwigHelga Hufflepuff
Helga Hufflepuff Chocolate Frog CardHelmetHemlock Essence
Hengist of Woodcroft Chocolate Frog CardHepzibah SmithHepzibah Smith (moment)
HerbicideHerbologyHerbology (school subject)
Here Lies DobbyHermesHermione's Clue
Hermione's Helping HandHermione's SecretHermione Granger
Hermione Granger GalleryHerpo the Foul Chocolate Frog CardHesper Starkey Chocolate Frog Card
Hestia JonesHetty BaylissHibernating Skrewts
HinkypunkHippogriffsHistory of Magic
History of the Quidditch World CupHogsmeadeHogwarts: A History
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Hogwarts GroundsHogwarts High InquisitorHogwarts Kitchens
Hogwarts PortraitsHogwarts School SubjectsHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hogwarts kitchens (location)HokeyHolidays with Hags
Honeydukes (moment)Honoria Nutcombe Chocolate Frog CardHope Howell
Horace SlughornHorace Slughorn (chapter)Horcruxes
Horcruxes (chapter)Horklump JuiceHorn of Bicorn
HornbeamHorned SerpentHorned Slugs
Horseradish PowderHospital WingHouse-elves
House CupHouse PointsHouses
HowlerHufflepuffHufflepuff's Cup
Hufflepuff Common RoomHufflepuff CrestHungarian Horntail Dragon
Ignatia Wildsmith Chocolate Frog CardIllness and DisabilityIlvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Ilvermorny Sorting QuizImpediment JinxImperius Curse
Imperturbable CharmImportant Modern Magical DiscoveriesIn Memoriam
In the Hog's HeadInferiInfusion of Wormwood
Ingredient Respawn PointsIngredientsInside the Cave
Inside the Knight BusInter-departmental MemoIntermediate Transfiguration
International Confederation of WizardsInto the DiaryInto the Forbidden Forest
Invisibility BoosterInvisibility CloakItem
IvyJ.K. RowlingJackalope Antler
James PotterJelly-Legs CurseJet-Black Candle
Jiggery Pokery and Hocus PocusJinxes for the JinxedJobberknoll Feather
Jocunda Sykes Chocolate Frog CardJoscelind Wadcock Chocolate Frog CardJustin Finch-Fletchley
Katie BellKatie Bell is CursedKey
Kill the SnakeKilling CurseKing's Cross
King's Cross (chapter)King's Cross StationKingsley Shacklebolt
Knarl QuillKnockback JinxKnockturn Alley
Kreacher's TaleLacewing FliesLady's Mantle
Lavender BrownLeanneLeaping Toadstool
Lee JordanLeechesLeg-Locker Curse
Leopoldina Smethwyck Chocolate Frog CardLeprechaun GoldLeprechauns
Lethe River WaterLetters from SchoolLevitation Charm
LibraryLilac InkLily Evans
LimpetLiquorice WandLisa Turpin
List of inventory itemsList of items in Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsList of items in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
List of items in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanLittle HangletonLittle Whinging
Lock-PickerLockhart's OfficeLocking Spell
Locomotion CharmsLord Voldemort's RequestLove Potion
Lucius MalfoyLucius Malfoy (moment)Lucius Malfoy Gallery
Ludo BagmanLuna LovegoodLuna Lovegood (chapter)
Luna Lovegood GalleryLunascopesLupin's Tale (Moment)
Lyall LupinMad-Eye MoodyMadam Hooch
Madam MalkinMadam Malkin's Robes for All OccasionsMadam Pince
Madam PomfreyMadam RosmertaMadame Maxime
Mafalda HopkirkMagic is MightMagical Drafts and Potions
Magical MeMagical Mediterranean Water-Plants and Their PropertiesMagical Menagerie
Magical Quill ChallengeMagical TheoryMagnolia Crescent
Magnolia Crescent (location)MahoganyMalfoy Manor
Malfoy Manor (chapter)MandrakesMandy Brocklehurst
Map of a CampsiteMapleMarauder's Map
Marcus FlintMarge DursleyMarietta Edgecombe
Marvolo GauntMary CattermoleMask
Mayhem at the MinistryMeasurementsMeet Quidditch Star Viktor Krum at Glen Eyrie Castle Exclusive Banquet
Memory CharmMen Who Love Dragons Too MuchMending Charm
Merlin Chocolate Frog CardMerope GauntMerpeople
Merpeople: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Language and CustomsMerpeople (moment)Merwyn the Malicious Chocolate Frog Card
Millicent BulstrodeMince PieMinisters for Magic
Ministry of MagicMinistry of Magic WarningMirabella Plunkett Chocolate Frog Card
Miranda GoshawkMiranda Goshawk Chocolate Frog CardMirror of Erised
Mistletoe BerriesMisuse of Muggle Artefacts OfficeMoaning Myrtle
Moaning Myrtle's BathroomMoaning Myrtle's Bathroom (location)Mobilicorpus
Modern Magical HistoryMolly WeasleyMoments
MonkshoodMonster Book of MonstersMontague Knightley Chocolate Frog Card
Montrose Magpies Quidditch BadgeMoody's OfficeMoody's Trunk
Moon ChartMoony, Wormtail, Padfoot and ProngsMopsus Chocolate Frog Card
Morag MacDougalMorgana Chocolate Frog CardMorning Dew
MorsmordreMorsmordre (spell)Mortar and Pestle
MosagMoste Potente PotionsMoste Potente Potions (Moment)
Mouldy Dog-BiscuitMountain TrollsMr Borgin
Mr HagridMr RobertsMr and Mrs Granger
Mr and Mrs LongbottomMr and Mrs MasonMr and Mrs Potter
Mr and Mrs RiddleMrs. CrouchMrs Black
Mrs ColeMrs Figg
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