The Weighing of the WandsThe Weird SistersThe White Tomb
The Whomping WillowThe Will of Albus DumbledoreThe Winged Keys
The Woes of Mrs WeasleyThe Worst BirthdayThe Writing on the Wall
The Yule BallThestral HairThestrals
Third-Floor CorridorThird Year Shopping ListThrough the Trapdoor
ThunderbirdThunderbird (creature)Tickling Charm
Tickling HexTilly Toke Chocolate Frog CardTime-Turner
Time-Turner (moment)Time RoomTin of Cat Food
Tiny Brass CompassTissueToads
ToffeeTom RiddleTom Riddle's Diary
Tom Riddle (moment)Tom Riddle Sr.Tom the Barman
Tongue-Tying SpellToothflossing StringmintsTormentil Tincture
Trading SpotsTransfigurationTransfiguration Today
Transmogrifian TortureTravels with TrollsTrelawney is Sacked
Trip JinxTrivia GameTrophy Room
TrunkTruth PotionTubeworms
Twilfit and TattingsTwitchy Ears HexTwo Enormous Green Eyes
Two Entwined SerpentsTwo Professor MoodysUmbridge's Office
Unbreakable CharmUnbreakable VowUnderground Chambers
Unfogging the FutureUnforgivable CursesUnicorn Blood
Unicorn HairUnicorn HornUnicorn Tail Hair
UnicornsUnidentified Daily Prophet PhotographerUnlocking Spell
UsernameValentine's DayValentine's Day Cards
Valerian SprigsVampiresVanishing Cabinet
Vault KeyVeelaVeela Hair
Venomous TentaculaVeritaserumVernon & Petunia Dursley
Vernon DursleyVeronica SmethleyViktor Krum
Vincent CrabbeVineVoldemort
Voldemort Rises AgainVoyages with VampiresWalden Macnair
Walking StickWalnutWampus
Wand-Extinguishing CharmWand-Lighting CharmWand Cores
Wand Lengths & FlexibilityWand WoodsWanderings with Werewolves
WandsWeasleys' Wizard WheezesWeasleys' Wizard Wheezes (chapter)
Weighing of the WandsWellington BootsWerewolves
Western Green ToadWhite CatWhizz Hard Books
Whizzing WormsWhomping WillowWideye or Awakening Potion
Wilfred Elphick Chocolate Frog CardWilhelmina Grubbly-PlankWilkie Twycross
Will and Won'tWillowWilly Widdershins
Wimborne WaspsWinged CatapultWinged Key
WinkyWiseacre's Wizarding EquipmentWisteria Walk
Wit-Sharpening PotionWitch WeeklyWizard's Chess Set
Wizard's DuelWizard DuelWizarding Money
Wizarding TentsWolfsbaneWolfsbane Potion
WoodliceWronski FeintXavier Rastrick Chocolate Frog Card
Xenophilius LovegoodXenophilius Lovegood (chapter)Xylomancy
Year with the YetiYewZoo
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