Lockhart's Office is the second moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 7, Mudbloods and Murmurs.


It must be nearly time to leave, Harry thought miserably, please let it be nearly time …

And then he heard something — something quite apart from the spitting of the dying candles and Lockhart’s prattle about his fans.

It was a voice, a voice to chill the bone-marrow, a voice of breath-taking, ice-cold venom.


Chocolate Frog Cards

Zoom levels

Technically this moment has 3 zoom levels, corresponding to different times during Harry's detention.


All three zooms have the same objects to collect and the reaction of portrait should be shown in each level :

  • The Signed Photo of Lockhart is on the stack of photos to the left of Harry. Just click the top one.
  • The Lilac Ink is to the right of Harry, next to a large, white quill.
  • Next to the ink you'll find the Peacock Quill. It's to the right of the ink well, not to be confused with the white feather to the left,
  • The Bridget Wenlock Chocolate Frog Card is above the table on the right side of candle not beneath Lockhart .
  • The lighting in the large picture in the middle will change according to the time of day: the lightning will animate when you mouse over the picture.
  • Harry's quill will move in the first two views.
  • The picture to the left with the pink robes will laugh.
  • The picture with the bright green robes will cheer.
  • On the third zoom, the rightmost candle in the candelabra to the left of Harry's head will sizzle when you hover over it. (Editor's Note: some of my fellow Slytherins mentioned they completed the moment without this. However, others said they couldn't and neither could I, so I'm including it here for those who are stuck like I was. ~LookshyLily)

On 30 January 2014 extra content was added: click on Gilderoy Lockhart to unlock it


The main sound is just the clock ticking. You can also hear sounds from some of the pictures if you move your cursor over them.

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