This article is about the shop in Diagon Alley. For the moment, see The Magical Menagerie.
Magical menagerie

Inside the Magical Menagerie

The Magical Menagerie is a shop in Diagon Alley, which sells everything the witch or wizard may need for pets.


Discovered in Book 3, Chapter 4

"The Magical Menagerie is a shop located on Diagon Alley which stocks a variety of magical creatures from large purple toads and skipping black rats to poisonous orange snails. The shop is noisy and smelly on account of the various creatures housed in the cages that line the walls."

Pottermore PlayStation Home

Magical Menagerie 1

The Magical Menagerie on Playstation Home

On Pottermore PlayStation Home, the Magical Menagerie is one of the open shops. In here, players can purchase a cat or a toad, which will move alongside the payer's avatar in the game. These pets must all be purchased with real money, and only one can be active at any time.

The following pets are available for purchase:

Name Cost Description
Tabby Cat £2.39 The Tabby cat has a distinctive patterned coat which can have grey, brown or red stripes.
Ginger Cat £2.39 Ginger cats are allowed at Hogwarts, and often keep students company throughout their studies.
White Cat £2.39 These felines often have bright blue eyes which stand out beautifully from their snowy white fur.
Siamese Cat £2.39 With its striking eyes, elegant frame and triangular pointed features, the Siamese cat is seen by some as the most attractive in the feline family.
Black Cat £2.39 Black cats make loyal, charming pets.
Crested Toad £2.39 The crested toad has a distinctive upturned snout and gold eyes.
Harlequin Toad £2.39 The harlequin toad is instantly recognisable from its distinct tropical markings which can range from bright yellow and black to red and green.
Natterjack Toad £2.39 Natterjack toads are distinguishable by the yellow line down the middle of their backs.
Common Toad £2.39 Common toads have warty skin and range in colour from green to brown.
Western Green Toad £2.39 The western green toad is distinguished by its green or yellow colouring and black spots. It is nocturnal and not very large in size.

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