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Nicolas Flamel
Born 1327
Died 1992
Species Human
Parentage Unknown
Family Members Perenelle Flamel
Affiliations Albus Dumbledore
Hogwarts House Unknown
Wand Unknown
Special Abilities Alchemy
Hobbies Opera

Nicolas Flamel is a famous alchemist and only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone. He is a good friend of Albus Dumbledore, a fact which is mentioned on Dumbledore's Chocolate Frog Card.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Discovered in chapter 13, Nicolas Flamel

Nicolas Flamel is a noted alchemist and opera lover, and owner of the only known Philosopher's Stone. The Stone can turn any substance into pure gold and produce the Elixir of Life (a potion which makes the drinker immortal). He is more than six hundred and sixty-five years old and lives in Devon with his wife, Perenelle.

Discovered in chapter 17, The Man with Two Faces

After Harry confronts Voldemort in the chambers beneath the school, Flamel and his wife agree to destroy the Stone and die.

J. K. Rowling's Thoughts

Nicolas Flamel was a real person. I read about him in my early twenties when I came across one of the versions of his life story. It told how he had bought a mysterious book called The Book of Abraham the Jew, which was full of strange symbols and which Flamel realised were instructions on alchemy. The story went that he subsequently made it his life's work to produce the Philosopher's Stone.

The real Flamel was a wealthy businessman and a noted philanthropist. There are streets in Paris named after him and his wife, Perenelle.

I remember having a highly detailed and exceptionally vivid dream about Flamel, several months into the writing of Philosopher's Stone, which was like a renaissance painting come to life. Flamel was leading me around his cluttered laboratory, which was bathed in golden light, and showing me exactly how to make the Stone (I wish I could remember how to do it).

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