This article is about the moment. For the location, see Number Four, Privet Drive (location).

Number Four, Privet Drive is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 1, The Boy Who Lived.


When Mr and Mrs Dursley woke up on the dull, grey Tuesday our story starts, there was nothing about the cloudy sky outside to suggest that strange and mysterious things would soon be happening all over the country...


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Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

B1C1M1 zoom1.png
  • Click on the Privet Drive sign to unlock Number Four, Privet Drive content.
  • Move over the cat to make it purr and move its tail.
  • Fumes can be seen coming out of the car's exhaust pipe.

Zoom 2

  • Move over the car's windscreen wipers to make them go.
  • Move over the car's lights to make it honk and flash its lights.

Zoom 3

  • Move over each crow on the chimneys to make them fly away.


Various birds can be heard with distant traffic in the background, and the car's engine ticking over.

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