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Ollivanders is the third moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 5, Diagon Alley


A magic wand… this was what Harry had been really looking forward to…


New from J. K. Rowling


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Olive Bean
  • Click on Ollivander for "Read More" and unlock "Mr. Ollivander"
  • Mouse over chair, two wand boxes wobble and measuring tape near the chair leg moves
  • Click on other wand box on chair to unlock the read more on "Wand Lengths and Flexibility"
  • Click on wand box on shelf to Ollivander's right for read more on "Wand Woods"
  • Mouse over wands on same shelf afterwards, dust will fly up
  • Mouse over tags hanging from ceiling, dust flies up
  • Collect Galleon on shelf to Harry's left
  • The bean is on the floor between Ollivander and chair
  • Click on wand box on shelf above Harry's head to unlock "Wand Cores" extra reading


A soft wind can be heard whistling through the store. Something is rustling, as if trying to escape a box...

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