Ollivanders Bespoke Wand Selector is the quiz on Pottermore which determines a person's wand. It consists of seven questions which need to be answered. The quiz is part of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 5, "Ollivanders".

Start of the quiz


The start of the quiz

In response to overwhelming demand, Mr Ollivander, world-famous wandmaker, has created a means of wand allocation (or, more accurately, wizard selection) involving nothing more than seven simple questions.

Give honest answers to these enquiries, and Mr Ollivander will be able to tell you which of his handcrafted wands would most like to call you master or mistress.

Certain combinations of wand and core are more unusual than others, but you can rest assured that if you have given truthful responses to Mr Ollivander's carefully constructed questionnaire, you and your selected wand will enjoy a long and fruitful association.

Strict rules govern wand-trade, so a personal visit to Ollivanders Wand Shop will still be necessary if you would like to take physical possession of the wand that has chosen you.

Question 1

"To ensure we find the perfect wand for you, it's very important that you answer the following questions honestly. First of all, would you describe yourself as..."
  • Short for your age
  • Average height for your age
  • Tall for your age

Question 2

"And your eyes..."
  • Dark brown / Black
  • Brown
  • Hazel
  • Blue
  • Blue / Grey
  • Blue / Green
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Other

Question 3

"Was the day on which you were born..."
  • An odd number
  • An even number

Question 4

"Do you most pride yourself on your..."
  • Determination
  • Imagination
  • Resilience
  • Intelligence
  • Originality
  • Optimism
  • Kindness

Question 5

"Travelling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue..."
  • Left towards the sea
  • Ahead towards the forest
  • Right towards the castle

Question 6

"Do you most fear..."
  • Darkness
  • Fire
  • Heights
  • Small Spaces
  • Isolation

Question 7

"In a chest of magical artifacts, which would you choose..."
  • The Old Black Glove
  • The Dusty Bottle
  • The Ornate Mirror
  • The Silver Dagger
  • The Golden Key
  • The Bound-up Scroll
  • The Glittering Jewel

End of the quiz

The quiz ends with a review of your answers. The quiz can be restarted if the player is unhappy with their answers, or the answers can be confirmed to move on. After moving on, the player is presented with their wand (costing 7 Galleons). From this moment on, the wand can be found in the player's profile.
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