For the chapter, see The Order of the Phoenix. For the book, see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The Order of the Phoenix is a secret society dedicated to fighting against Voldemort.


The Order of the Phoenix is a secret wizarding society, founded by Albus Dumbledore during the First Wizarding War to fight against Voldemort. There are over twenty members of the society.

From the Story

Discovered in Book 5, Chapter 4, Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

The Order has been resurrected in light of Voldemort's return. They are using number twelve, Grimmauld Place as their Headquarters. When Harry and the Advance Guard arrive, the members of the Order are directed to a room off the main hall, where a meeting has just begun. Work is being done by the members to keep tabs on known Death Eaters, and to try to recruit more members to the society. Over the summer, some members of the Order were put on guard duty to watch over Harry.

Book 5, Chapter 6, The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Professor Dumbledore is the Secret Keeper for the Order of the Phoenix. This protection extends to the Headquarters at number twelve, Grimmauld Place - nobody can find the house unless Dumbledore himself tells them the location.

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