Out of the Fire is the thirty-second chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


'I'm not going ... I don't need the hospital wing ... I don't want ...'

He was gibbering as he tried to pull away from Professor Tofty, who was looking at Harry with much concern after helping him out into the Entrance Hall with the students all around them staring.

'I'm – I'm fine, sir,' Harry stammered, wiping the sweat from his face. 'Really ... I just fell asleep ... had a nightmare ...'

'Pressure of examinations!' said the old wizard sympathetically, patting Harry shakily on the shoulder. 'It happens, young man, it happens! Now, a cooling drink of water, and perhaps you will be ready to return to the Great Hall? The examination is nearly over, but you may be able to round off your last answer nicely?'

'Yes,' said Harry wildly. 'I mean ... no ... I've done – done as much as I can, I think ...'

'Very well, very well,' said the old wizard gently. 'I shall go and collect your examination paper and I suggest that you go and have a nice lie down.'

'I'll do that,' said Harry, nodding vigorously. 'Thanks very much.'


There are no moments from this chapter.

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