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Peeves the Poltergeist
Born Unknown
Died Unknown/Undead
Species Poltergeist
Parentage Unknown (none?)
Family Members None
Affiliations Hogwarts
Hogwarts House None
Wand None
Special Abilities No known special abilities
Hobbies Pranking, annoying students and staff, greatly annoying Filch

Peeves the Poltergeist is a spirit haunting Hogwarts and its inhabitants. He frequently causes trouble and is at constant war with the caretaker Filch. He enjoys getting students into trouble.

From the Story


Peeves is a loud and raucous poltergeist, with wicked, dark eyes and a wide mouth, who can turn invisible at will and likes to cause mayhem around the school. He frequently plays pranks on students and teachers. Professor Dumbledore has some influence over Peeves, but the Slytherin ghost, the Bloody Baron, is the only one who can control him.

Discovered in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Deathday Party, Nearly Headless Nick's Party[1]

At Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party Peeves is in stark constrast with the pale and transparent ghosts as he is wearing an orange party hat and a revolving bow tie. He upsets Moaning Myrtle at the party by taunting her.

Peeves is to be found in Zoom 3 of this moment, hiding under the table in the middle.

Discovered in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Flight of the Fat Lady, The Slashed Painting[2]

Peeves is hovering over the crowd by the portrait of the Fat Lady. When Dumbledore suggests that Filch search the castle for the Fat Lady, Peeves tells Dumbledore that he saw her running through the landscape on the fourth floor, too ashamed to be seen. He enjoys keeping everyone in suspense about the identity of the culprit, but eventually tells Dumbledore that it was Sirius Black who slashed the portrait, angry that the Fat Lady wouldn't let him in.

Discovered in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Triwizard Tournament, A Late Arrival[3]

Peeves pelts the students entering the Entrance Hall with large water balloons. He floats twenty feet in the air above the students, his wide, malicious face contorted with concentration as he takes aim. Peeves refuses to obey Professor McGonagall's order to come down, and lobs another water bomb at a group of fifth-year girls. When McGonagall threatens to summon the Headmaster, Peeves sticks out his tongue, throws the last of his water bombs into the air and zooms off up the marble staircase, cackling insanely.

Nearly Headless Nick tells the students at the start-of-term feast that there nearly wasn't a feast at all, after Peeves caused mayhem in the kitchens. Peeves wanted to attend the feast, but the ghosts voted against it. In response, Peeves wreaked havoc in the kitchens; according to Nearly Headless Nick there were pots and pans everywhere, and the whole place was swimming in soup.

New from J. K. Rowling

The name 'poltergeist' is German in origin, and roughly translates as 'noisy ghost', although it is not, strictly speaking, a ghost at all. The poltergeist is an invisible entity that moves objects, slams doors and creates other audible, kinetic disturbances. It has been reported in many cultures and there is a strong association with the places where young people, especially adolescents, are living. Explanations for the phenomenon vary all the way from supernatural to scientific.

It was inevitable that, in a building bursting with teenage witches and wizards, a poltergeist would be generated; it was likewise to be expected that such a poltergeist would be noisier, more destructive and harder to expel than those that occasionally frequent Muggle houses. Sure enough, Peeves is the most notorious and troublesome poltergeist in British history. Unlike the overwhelming majority of his colleagues, Peeves has a physical form, though he is able to become invisible at will. His looks reflect his nature, which those who know him would agree is a seamless blend of humour and malice.

Peeves is well-named, for he has been a pet peeve of every Hogwarts caretaker from Hankerton Humble (appointed by the four founders) onwards. Though many students and even teachers have a somewhat perverse fondness for Peeves (he undoubtedly adds a certain zest to school life), he is incurably disruptive, and it generally falls to the caretaker of the day to clean up his many deliberate messes: vases smashed, potions upended, bookcases toppled and so on. Those with weak nerves deplore Peeves' fondness for suddenly materialising an inch from the end of their noses, hiding in suits of armour or dropping solid objects on their heads as they move between classes.

Several concerted efforts to remove Peeves from the castle have resulted in failure. The last and most disastrous was made in 1876 by caretaker Rancorous Carpe, who devised an elaborate trap, baited with an assortment of weapons he believed would be irresistible to Peeves, and a vast enchanted bell jar, reinforced by various Containment Charms, which he intended to drop over the poltergeist once he was in place. Not only did Peeves break easily through the giant bell jar, showering an entire corridor with broken glass, he also escaped the trap armed with several cutlasses, crossbows, a blunderbuss and a miniature cannon. The castle was evacuated while Peeves amused himself by firing randomly out of the windows and threatening all and sundry with death. A three-day standoff was ended when the Headmistress of the day, Eupraxia Mole, agreed to sign a contract allowing Peeves additional privileges, such as a once-weekly swim in the boys' toilets on the ground floor, first refusal on stale bread from the kitchen for throwing purposes, and a new hat – to be custom-made by Madame Bonhabille of Paris. Rancorous Carpe took early retirement for health reasons, and no subsequent attempt has ever been made to rid the castle of its most ill-disciplined inhabitant.

Peeves does recognise authority of a sort. Though generally unimpressed by titles and badges, he is generally amenable to the strictures of the teachers, agreeing to stay out of their classrooms while they teach. He has also been known to show an affinity for rare students (notably Fred and George Weasley), and is certainly afraid of the ghost of Slytherin, the Bloody Baron.


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