Peter's Transformation is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 19, The Servant of Lord Voldemort.


It was like watching a speeded-up film of a growing tree. A head was shooting upwards from the ground; limbs were sprouting; next moment, a man was standing where Scabbers had been, cringing and wringing his hands.



Zoom levels

This moment technically has 2 zoom levels. However, you can only move from Zoom 1 to Zoom 2 by double-clicking (keyboard will not work), and you cannot return.

Zoom 1

Peter's Transformation.png

Nothing of interest in Zoom 1. When you double-click the whole picture turns white then resolves into Zoom 2.

Zoom 2

  • The Spider Legs are in the debris next to Wormtail on the left.
  • The Bat Wings are in the hole in the wall above Lupin's wand arm.
  • The Scarab Beetle Bodies are in the debris next to Wormtail to the right.

Various things react when you mouse over them:

  • Bits of the wall fall off, to reveal the Bat Wings, etc.


Initially, almost all you can hear is Peter squeaking incessantly until you trigger the transformation. Thereafter you can hear the creaking of the Shrieking Shack.

The various bits of wall are noisy when they fall off.

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