Potage's Cauldron Shop from Diagon Alley

Potage's Cauldron Shop
is a cauldron shop in the north side of Diagon Alley. It is currently open to Pottermore players.

Before students are enrolled to Hogwarts, they are required to purchase a Pewter Cauldron from Potage's as part of their shopping list.


Name Price Required?
Pewter Caudron, size 2 15 Galleons Yes
Brass Cauldron, size 2 21 Galleons No
Copper Cauldron, size 2 25 Galleons No


  • The material of the cauldron counts for more than status - it affects the time taken to brew potions.
  • In Beta testing, all cauldrons were size 2.
  • The sign for the shop lists silver as a cauldron material, but this type of cauldron is not available to buy at present, the same goes for self-stirring and collapsible cauldrons.
    Potages Cauldron Shop

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