Potter Stinks is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands.


Harry turned and saw Ron dragging Hermione’s hand away from her face. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Hermione’s front teeth — already larger than average — were now growing at an alarming rate; she was looking more and more like a beaver as her teeth elongated, past her bottom lip, towards her chin — panic-stricken, she felt them, and let out a terrified cry.




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  • You can click on the badge that Goyle, the nearest Slytherin boy, is wearing for a closer look: you get a different picture depending upon which colour the badge is currently showing. You have to look at the badge in both colours to complete the moment.
  • You can collect the badge that Draco, standing next to Snape, has in his pocket.
  • The Galleon is behind Hermione.
  • The Horklump Juice is also behind Hermione.
  • The bezoar is behind the door

Various items react when you mouse over them:

  • Hermione's teeth grow, while Ron pulls her arm, and you can hear her squeak.
  • The door to the classroom creaks open and slams shut.
  • The visible "Potter Stinks" badges switch between green and red.
  • The boils on Goyle's face squelch and belch.
  • To fill up the bar, you must wait until Hermoine's teeth grow beyond her collar.


The moment begins with an extract from the audiobook, read by Stephen Fry.

There is much giggling, presumably from the Slytherin girls.

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