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Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Dumbledore in Professor McGonagall's office at the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. ("Dumbledore Returns"}
Born July or August 1881
Died 30 June 1997 at the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
Species Human
Parentage Wizard father, Muggle-born mother
Family Members Percival Dumbledore, Kendra Dumbledore, Aberforth Dumbledore, Ariana Dumbledore
Affiliations Hogwarts, Order of the Phoenix
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand First wand unknown, second wand Elder with Thestral hair, 15 inches (the Elder Wand)
Special Abilities Extremely powerful wizard, the only one Lord Voldemort ever feared.
Hobbies chamber music and ten-pin bowling

Albus Dumbledore was called the greatest wizard of his age, and was the headmaster at Hogwarts during Harry's first year. He was remarkably kind and intelligent, and one of the main characters of the series.

As stated by himself in the foreword of Quidditch Through the Ages, he is a fan of the oldest and twenty-two time league winning Puddlemere United Quidditch Club.


Albus Dumbledore is Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is an elderly man with bright blue eyes, silver hair and beard long enough to tuck into his belt. He wears half-moon spectacles and his long, crooked nose looks as though it has been broken at least twice.

In addition to Headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore holds the titles of Grand Sorcerer; Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. He has also been awarded Order of Merlin, First Class.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Dumbledore using the Put-Outer at Number Four, Privet Drive. ("Something Peculiar is Happening")

Discovered in chapter 1, The Boy Who Lived

Albus Dumbledore appears at Privet Drive the evening after Voldemort disappears. He looks quite different from most of the people who live in the quiet suburb, with a long purple cloak and a beard he can tuck into his belt.

Dumbledore uses a strange device to extinguish all the lights on Privet Drive, then sits with Minerva McGonagall, who had been waiting for him there. He explains the events of the previous night: that Voldemort, having killed Harry Potter’s parents, tried unsuccessfully to kill Harry and then vanished. Although no one knows why Harry survived, Dumbledore has arranged for Harry to be brought to Privet Drive so he can be left with the Dursleys, who are Harry’s only living relatives. Dumbledore believes Harry will fare better growing up in the Muggle world where he is unknown, rather than the wizarding one where he is already a celebrity.

Discovered in chapter 7, The Sorting Hat

Professor Dumbledore is known throughout the school for being a brilliant and slightly eccentric wizard. When the “few words” he wishes to offer during the opening feast are “Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak,” Harry asks Percy whether or not the professor is a little mad.

Once everyone has eaten, however, Professor Dumbledore gives the proper start-of-term notices. He informs the students that the forest within the grounds is forbidden and the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to anyone who does not wish to die a painful death.

Discovered in chapter 12, The Mirror of Erised

During the Christmas holidays, Professor Dumbledore confronts Harry about his repeated visits to the Mirror of Erised; he explains that the mirror gives neither knowledge nor truth, but shows a person the most desperate desire of their heart, a vision that has been known to drive men mad. Professor Dumbledore tells Harry the mirror will be moved shortly, and asks him not to go looking for it again.

Professor Dumbledore at Harry's first-year End-of-Year Feast. ("The End-of-Year Feast")

Discovered in chapter 17, The Man with Two Faces

The night that Harry, Ron and Hermione attempt to save the Philosopher’s Stone, Professor Dumbledore receives an urgent owl that appears to have come from the Ministry of Magic, and leaves the school. He realises when he gets to London that the message was false, and returns to Hogwarts, appearing in the underground chamber just in time to save Harry.

After Voldemort flees the school (leaving Professor Quirrell to die), Professor Dumbledore consults with Nicolas Flamel, the owner of the Philosopher’s Stone. Flamel and his wife, Perenelle, agree to destroy the Stone, set their affairs in order, and die. When Harry expresses amazement at this, Professor Dumbledore explains that to a well-organised mind, death is simply the next great adventure.

Professor Dumbledore also answers some of Harry’s remaining questions about the events of the year, revealing that he was the one who gave Harry the Invisibility Cloak at Christmas and explaining that Harry got the Philosopher’s Stone because he wanted to find but not use it. He also explains why Professor Quirrell couldn’t touch Harry’s skin without suffering unendurable pain. He declines to disclose, however, why Voldemort tried to murder Harry more than a decade earlier.

At the end-of-year feast, Professor Dumbledore awards points to Harry, Ron, Hermione for their skill and courage in the chambers, and to Neville for his bravery, which – to the elation of all but the Slytherins – grants Gryffindor the House Cup.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Discovered in chapter 5, The Whomping Willow

When Harry and Ron crash a flying car into the Whomping Willow, Professor Dumbledore decides not to expel them; instead he leaves their punishments to Professor McGonagall as their Head of House. He does, however, write to their families to inform them of their rule-breaking.

Discovered in chapter 8, The Deathday Party

When an immobile Mrs Norris is found hanging from a torch bracket, it is Dumbledore who realises that she is not dead, but Petrified. He says that an attack of this kind takes very advanced Dark magic, but that a victim may be revived.

Discovered in chapter 10, The Rogue Bludger

Dumbledore helps to carry the Petrified Colin Creevey to the hospital wing. He says the attack is confirmation that the Chamber of Secrets is indeed open again, and that the question is not who opened it, but how.

Discovered in chapter 12, The Polyjuice Potion

McGonagall takes Harry to Dumbledore's office after the attack on Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick. Dumbledore does not suspect Harry of the attacks but instead asks Harry if there is anything he would like to tell him.

Discovered in chapter 14, Cornelius Fudge

Lucius Malfoy tells Dumbledore that the Hogwarts governors have suspended him from his position as Headmaster after the attack on Hermione and Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw Prefect. Before he leaves, Dumbledore says that he will only truly have left the school when none there are loyal to him, and that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask.

Discovered in chapter 17, The Heir of Slytherin

Fawkes is called to Harry when he shows Dumbledore true loyalty in the Chamber of Secrets.

Discovered in chapter 18, Dobby's Reward

Dumbledore is reinstated as Headmaster when it is believed that Ginny Weasley has been killed; several of the school governors seem to indicate to Dumbledore that they had only suspended him originally because Lucius threatened them.

Dumbledore surmises that it was Lord Voldemort controlling Ginny before Harry says so but he is interested to know how he managed to control Ginny, as his sources indicate that Voldemort is currently hiding in the forests of Albania.

Dumbledore declines to punish Ginny, Harry or Ron for the events and various rule-breakings throughout the year. He gives Harry and Ron two hundred points apiece for Gryffindor and Special Awards for Services to the School for their actions.

Dumbledore also assures Harry that despite the similarities between himself and Tom Riddle, only a true Gryffindor could have pulled the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Discovered in chapter 8, Flight of the Fat Lady

Dumbledore arrives in the corridor outside the Gryffindor common room, and moves towards the ruined portrait of the Fat Lady. He asks Professor McGonagall to find Filch and tell him to search every painting in the castle for the Fat Lady. When Peeves appears, Dumbledore asks him what he saw, getting Peeves to tell him the direction the Fat Lady disappeared in. Dumbledore asks Peeves if the Fat Lady mentioned who slashed the portrait, and is told that the culprit is Sirius Black.

Dumbledore sends the Gryffindor students back to the Great Hall, where they are joined ten minutes later by the students from Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. He informs the students that the teachers will be conducting a search of the entire castle, and asks that they remain in the Great Hall for the night. He conjures up sleeping bags for every student.

Dumbledore returns to the Great Hall in the early hours of the morning. When Percy asks if Black has been found, Dumbledore says that he has not. He tells Percy the Fat Lady has been found in a map of Argyllshire on the second floor, and is still very distressed. Dumbledore makes it clear to Snape that he does not believe anyone in the castle helped Black to enter. He leaves to let the Dementors know that the castle has been searched, reiterating that whilst he is Headmaster of Hogwarts, no Dementor will ever cross its threshold.

Discovered in chapter 9, Grim Defeat

Dumbledore is furious when the Dementors appear at the Quidditch match. He runs onto the pitch as Harry falls, waving his wand, and slows Harry down before he hits the ground. Dumbledore makes the Dementors leave the stadium immediately, then magicks Harry onto a stretcher and walks with him up to the castle.

Discovered in chapter 15, The Quidditch Final

At the end of the match Dumbledore waits in the Quidditch stands, to present the enormous Quidditch Cup to the Gryffindor team.

Discovered in chapter 16, Professor Trelawney's Prediction

Dumbledore tries to appeal the decision to execute Buckbeak, but fails. He tells Hagrid he is going to come to the execution, to give Hagrid some support. Dumbledore leads Fudge, the elderly Committee member and the executioner down to Hagrid's hut at sunset.

Discovered in chapter 18, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

Dumbledore was always sympathetic to the fact that Remus Lupin was a werewolf, and didn't see why Lupin couldn't attend Hogwarts as long as certain precautions were taken. Under his instruction, the Whomping Willow was planted, and the tunnel and Shrieking Shack were built, to help Lupin during his transformations. Dumbledore encouraged the rumours surrounding the Shrieking Shack, in order to keep people from wanting to get near the building. Lupin says that Dumbledore had no idea that he was breaking the rules so carefully laid for him by roaming the school grounds and village at night, and that he had no idea Lupin's three friends had become Animagi.

Discovered in chapter 21, Hermione's Secret

Dumbledore enters the hospital wing as Madam Pomfrey is trying to evict Snape and Fudge. He tells her that he has spoken to Sirius Black and needs to speak to Harry and Hermione. He calmly asks the others to leave them. He assures an irate Snape that he hasn't forgotten about the incident that occured between Snape and Sirius when they were students.

Dumbledore stops Harry and Hermione's explanations, and tells them that it is their turn to listen to him. He reminds them that there is no evidence to support Sirius's version of events except their own accounts, and that very few would believe the words of young children. He points out that Sirius has not behaved as an innocent man would. He looks at Hermione pointedly as he tells the pair that what they really need is more time. He tells them where Sirius has been imprisoned in the castle, and reminds Hermione that they must not be seen. Dumbledore tells Harry and Hermione that he is going to lock them in to the hospital wing; looking at his watch, he informs them that it is five minutes to midnight, and cryptically tells Hermione that he thinks three turns will suffice. He shuts the door behind him as he leaves the hospital wing.

Dumbledore enters Hagrid's house with the rest of the Committee, and listens as Fudge reads the official notice of execution. He reminds Macnair to sign the notice just as the executioner starts to head towards the back door. He continues talking, seemingly unwittingly giving Harry enough time to free and hide Buckbeak. Dumbledore sounds more amused than surprised when Buckbeak's disapppearance is discovered. He suggests that if Buckbeak has been stolen, the thief will have flown him away, quashing Macnair's suggestion to search the grounds. Telling Hagrid he could do with a cup of tea, or perhaps a large brandy, Dumbledore returns to the house. Dumbledore and the Committee start to walk back to the castle just after Harry, Hermione and Crookshanks enter the tunnel at the Whomping Willow.

Discovered in chapter 22, Owl Post Again

Dumbledore backs out of the hospital wing as he gives Harry and Hermione their instructions, and gets his wand out to magically lock the door. He smiles when he sees Harry and Hermione running towards him, and quietly asks how they did. He beams when he hears that Sirius and Buckbeak have escaped, and congratulates Harry and Hermione. He listens intently for a moment, waiting until he hears Harry and Hermione using the Time-Turner from within the hospital wing, then lets them in, locking it behind them.

Dumbledore looks calm as he arrives in the hospital wing with Fudge and Snape. He tells Snape to think about his accusations, and points out that Harry and Hermione have been locked in the hospital wing since he left ten minutes before. He tells Fudge and Snape that as Harry and Hermione couldn't have been in two places at once, they can't have had anything to do with Black's escape.

Dumbledore manages to convince Fudge that Lupin was trying to save Harry, Ron and Hermione, and that he wasn't helping Sirius Black.

When Lupin resigns Dumbledore goes to his office to tell him that his carriage is waiting at the school gates. He is unsurprised to see Harry there with him. Dumbledore bids farewell to Lupin, but doesn't accompany him to the carriage, at Lupin's request. He and Harry remain in the office after Lupin has left. Dumbledore asks Harry why he is so miserable, as he should be very proud of himself after the previous night. He is surprised when Harry doesn't seem to appreciate what he achieved, and reminds him that he saved an innocent man from a terrible fate. He listens as Harry tells him about Professor Trelawney's prediction, and thinks that Trelawney might well have made a real prediction. He tells Harry that Pettigrew owes his life to Harry, and that a certain bond has been created between them because of that. He says that this is magic at its deepest and most impenetrable, and that Harry may be glad of it in the future.

Dumbledore knows about the three unregistered Animagi, as he was told by Sirius the night before, and is impressed that they managed to keep it a secret from him for so long.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Discovered in chapter 12, The Triwizard Tournament

Dumbledore sits at the centre of the staff table as the students enter the Great Hall. He gives a very brief greeting after the Sorting Ceremony has taken place, telling the students to 'tuck in' as food magically appears on the previously empty plates on the tables. After the feast, Dumbledore gets to his feet, and starts to make various announcements. He is interrupted by the arrival of Alastor Moody in the Great Hall, whom Dumbledore introduces to the students as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Dumbledore tells the students that the annual inter-house Quidditch Cup will not take place this year, as the Triwizard Tournament is to be hosted at Hogwarts. He tells those assembled about the history of the Tournament, and informs them that there will be a few new restrictions on those entering the competition, including age. Dumbledore says that he will personally be ensuring that no underage student hoodwinks the impartial judge so that they can enter the Tournament, his eyes flickering over to Fred and George Weasley as he speaks.

Discovered in chapter 14, The Unforgivable Curses

Moody says that Professor Dumbledore specially requested him to come and teach at Hogwarts that year.

Discovered in chapter 15, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

Professor Dumbledore starts to clap as Madame Maxime exits the Beauxbatons carriage with her students. He greets Madame Maxime cordially, and invites the Beauxbatons delegations to enter the castle and warm up after their journey.

Professor Dumbledore waits outside the castle for the Durmstrang visitors to arrive at the castle. He greets Professor Karkaroff, the headmaster of Durmstrang, cordially, and shakes his hands.

Discovered in chapter 16, The Goblet of Fire

Dumbledore enters the Great Hall accompanied by Professor Karkaroff and Madame Maxime after all the students are seated. He remains standing after the teachers are all seated, and welcomes the new arrivals to Hogwarts. When the feast is over, Dumbledore introduces the judges to the students and explains the rules of the Triwizard Tournament. He tells the students that he will be drawing an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire to prevent students under the age of seventeen from trying to enter the Tournament.

Dumbledore is amused whe Fred and George attempt to cross the Age Line by taking an Ageing Potion. His eyes twinkle as he reminds the twins that he had warned against trying to fool the Line, and tells them to go to Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing. He knows of two other students who attempted to fool the Age Line, though he says their beards are nothing like as fine as the twins'.

Dumbledore stands at the staff table behind the Goblet of Fire after the Hallowe'en feast is over, waiting for the Goblet to make its decision. When the first piece of parchment is ejected by the Goblet, Dumbledore catches it and holds it at arms length so that he can read the name. He does this twice more, revealing Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory as the three Triwizard champions. Dumbledore begins to make his closing speech after the three champions have exited the Great Hall, but stops speaking suddenly after the flames in the Goblet of Fire turn red once again. Almost automatically, he seizes the piece of parchment that is released by the flames. There is a long pause as Dumbledore stares at the slip of parchment in his hands; he then clears his throat, and reads Harry's name out loud.

Discovered in chapter 17, The Four Champions

Professor Dumbledore calls Harry's name a second time after Professor McGonagall has spoken to him, and waits as Harry walks towards him through the Great Hall. He doesn't smile as he tells Harry to join the other champions in the room off the Great Hall. Dumbledore enters the room off the Great Hall followed by several other teachers. Dumbledore remains quiet as he is questioned by Professor Karkaroff and Madame Maxime, but interrupts as Professor Snape begins to accuse Harry of cheating his way into the competition. Dumbledore calmly asks Harry whether he entered himself into the Goblet of Fire, or whether he asked an older student to enter his name for him, and is satisfied with Harry's denial. Dumbledore politely admits to Madame Maxime that he could have made a mistake with the Age Line, although it is unlikely. After much argument between the assembled teachers, he tells them that whilst they do not know how the situation occurred, they have no choice but to accept Harry as a Triwizard champion. After Mr Crouch has explained the rules of the First Task to the champions, Dumbledore asks the adults to join him for a nightcap, but his offer is not taken up by anyone. He encourages Cedric and Harry to go to their common rooms, knowing that their friends will be waiting to celebrate with them.

Discovered in chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands

Dumbledore opens the broom cupboard where Harry and Rita Skeeter are talking and peers down at the two curiously. He tells Rita he found her article on the International Confederation of Wizards' Conference enchantingly nasty, and particularly enjoyed her description of himself as an obsolete dingbat. He tells Harry that the Weighing of the Wands is about to start, and follows them back into the classroom for the ceremony. Dumbledore takes his place at the judges' table, and introduces Mr Ollivander to the champions. After the ceremony is over, Dumbledore tells the students they can make their way to dinner, but they are all waylaid by The Daily Prophet photographer.

Discovered in chapter 19, The Hungarian Horntail

Sirius suspects one of the reasons Professor Dumbledore wanted an Auror at Hogwarts this year is because he knew Professor Karkaroff would be visiting.

Discovered in chapter 20, The First Task

Dumbledore awards Harry nine points out of ten after his performance against the Hungarian Horntail during the first task.

Discovered in chapter 21, The House-Elf Liberation Front

Professor Dumbledore hired Dobby and Winky the house-elves to work at Hogwarts. He is not worried that Dobby asked to be paid for his work, and originally offered the elf ten Galleons a week and every weekend off. He was beaten down by Dobby, and now pays him one Galleon a week and one day off a month.

Discovered in chapter 23, The Yule Ball

Dumbledore smiles as the champions approach the top table together for dinner. As the feast begins, Dumbledore looks carefully at his menu, then speaks his order of pork chops clearly to his plate, causing them to appear. Dumbledore is amused when Professor Karkaroff appears nervous about Viktor Krum giving the location of Durmstrang away. He disagrees with Karkaroff's suggestion that a Headmaster knows everything about their own school, and tells him that in the morning he took a wrong turn on the way to the bathroom and found himself in a beautifully proportioned room that he'd never seen before, filled with magnificent chamberpots. When he went back to investigate later in the day, the room had vanished. He appears to give Harry a quick wink after telling his story.

When all the food has been eaten, Dumbledore stands up and asks the students to do the same. With a wave of his wand, he makes the tables zoom back along the walls, leaving the floor clear, and conjures a raised platform along the right-hand wall. Dumbledore joins the champions on the dance floor after a while, and waltzes with Madame Maxime, the top of his pointed hat barely reaching her chin. He later dances with Professor Sprout.

Discovered in chapter 24, Rita Skeeter's Scoop

Dumbledore opens the door to Hagrid's cabin, interrupting Hermione's pounding on the door. He invites Harry, Ron and Hermione into the cabin, and conjures up a tea-tray for the table. He asks Hagrid whether he heard what Hermione was shouting earlier outside the cabin, and points out that the trio still want to know the gamekeeper. Dumbledore received letters from countless parents after Rita Skeeter's article was published, telling him in no uncertain terms that there would be consequences if he chose to sack Hagrid. Dumbledore tells Hagrid that he refuses to accept his resignation, and expects Hagrid to be back at work the coming Monday. He leaves the cabin after asking Hagrid to join him for breakfast in the Great Hall on Monday morning.

Discovered in chapter 26, The Second Task

Professor Dumbledore crouches at the waters edge after the second task is over, talking to the Merchieftainess in Mermish. He calls a conference between the judges before the scores are read out, to relay the information the merpeople gave about the champions' performances in the lake.

Discovered in chapter 28, The Madness of Mr Crouch

Dumbledore appears from his office having heard a commotion in the corridor outside. He doesn't ask any questions after hearing from Harry that Mr Crouch is in the Forbidden Forest, and tells the boy to lead the way. As they reach the Forest he lights his wand, allowing the narrow beam of light to illuminate the ground, finally falling upon the unconscious body of Viktor Krum. Dumbledore realises quickly that Krum has been Stunned, and revives the Durmstrang student. He sends Hagrid to fetch Professor Karkaroff, and asks Professor Moody to search for Mr Crouch in the Forest. Dumbledore is accused of attempting to sabotage the Durmstrang Triwizard Tournament champion by an angry Karkaroff. When Hagrid angrily menaces Karkaroff, Dumbledore tells the gameskeeper to escort Harry back to the castle, and subtly asks Harry to wait to send an owl to Sirius until the morning.

Discovered in chapter 30, The Pensieve

Dumbledore tells Harry that he, Professor Moody and Cornelius Fudge will be making a quick examination of the school grounds following the disappearance of Mr Crouch, and asks the boy to remain in his office until he returns. In the Pensieve in Dumbledore's office, Harry discovers three of the Headmaster's memories: trials and hearings of suspected Death Eaters during and after the First Wizarding War. When Dumbledore returns to his office, he finds Harry watching the memories in the Pensieve, and gently pulls Harry back into his office, and the present day. Dumbledore is not angry with Harry for using the Pensieve, understanding the curiosity Harry must have felt when he noticed it. He tells Harry that he sometimes finds he has too many thoughts and memories crammed into his mind, and that he uses the Pensieve to place the excess thoughts, to examine them later at his leisure. He shows Harry how the process works, placing the memories of conversations with Harry, Professor Snape and a young Bertha Jorkins into the Pensieve. He listens to Harry explain about the dream he had about Voldemort and Wormtail in Divination class, and Dumbledore reveals that he already knows about the occasion over the summer where Harry's scar hurt him, having been in correspondence with Sirius ever since he left Hogwarts at the end of Harry's third year. Dumbledore believes that Harry and Voldemort are connected by the curse that failed, and thinks it likely that the events Harry saw actually happened. Dumbledore tells Harry more about what happened to Neville's parents, but asks that he keep it a secret, to allow Neville to tell people when he is ready. He refuses to tell Harry any more about Professor Snape's involvement with the Death Eaters, and his subsequent decision to change sides, saying that it is a matter between the Professor and himself.

Discovered in chapter 31, The Third Task

After the evening feast on the day of the third task, Dumbledore asks those assembled in the Great Hall to make their way down to the Quidditch pitch in five minutes time. He asks the champions to follow Ludo Bagman down to the stadium immediately.

Discovered in chapter 35, Veritaserum

When Harry is transported back to Hogwarts with the Triwizard Cup and Cedric's body, Dumbledore is the first to reach him. He crouches over the boy, and is shocked when Harry tells him that Voldemort has returned. Dumbledore encourages Harry to let go of Cedric's body, telling the boy that there is nothing more he can do, then lifts Harry from the ground, setting him on his feet. He tells Harry to stay where he is, and goes to talk to Cedric Diggory's parents.

Dumbledore bursts into Moody's office after Stunning the Professor. He tells Harry that the unconscious man is not the real Alastor Moody, and says that the real Moody would never have removed Harry from Dumbledore's sight after the events that night. Dumbledore asks Professor Snape to fetch his strongest Truth Potion and Winky the house-elf, and sends Professor McGonagall to bring the black dog waiting in the pumpkin patch to his office. With the keys he removes from Moody's robes, Dumbledore walks over to the trunk in the office, and methodically opens each of the seven locks. In the seventh layer, Dumbledore reveals the real Alastor Moody, imprisoned in the underground room of the trunk. He climbs into the trunk, falling lightly onto the floor beside the sleeping man, and covers Moody in a cloak to keep him warm. He picks up the hip-flask that stands on Moody's desk and unscrews it, turning it over so that the liquid inside it splatters onto the floor, revealing it to be Polyjuice Potion.

Dumbledore and Harry wait in silence, watching the unconscious man on the floor, until the effects of the Polyjuice Potion begin to wear off, revealing the true identity of the impostor, Barty Crouch Junior. When Snape returns with the Truth Potion, Dumbledore pulls the unconscious man into a sitting position against the wall, and pours three drops of the potion into his mouth. He uses the spell Rennervate to awaken him, and begins to question him about how he came to be at Hogwarts, and how he escaped from Azkaban. He reveals through his questioning the truth behind Voldemort's eventual return.

Discovered in chapter 36, The Parting of the Ways

Dumbledore stares at Barty Crouch Junior with disgust after he finishes telling his story. Dumbledore raises his wand once more and conjures ropes from it, which twist themselves around the criminal, binding him tightly. He asks Professor McGonagall to watch Crouch, and tells Snape to bring Madam Pomfrey to Moody's office, then find Cornelius Fudge. Dumbledore knows that Fudge will want to question Crouch himself, and says that he will be in the hospital wing in half an hour's time, should Fudge want him.

Dumbledore escorts Harry out of Moody's office and towards his own, where Sirius is waiting for them. He beings to tell Sirius everything that Barty Crouch Junior had said, but stops after a moment, sitting down behind his desk, opposite Harry. He asks Harry to tell him everything that happened after he and Cedric touched the Portkey in the maze. He knows that letting Harry postpone having to think about the events that night won't help him, and asks Harry to demonstrate his courage one more time, and tell them what happened. He and Sirius listen in silence as Harry tells them everything, Dumbledore raising his hand occasionally to prevent Sirius from interrupting. When Harry has finished, Dumbledore tells him that he has shown bravery beyond anything he could have expected, equal to those who died fighting at the height of Voldemort's power. He takes Harry to the hospital wing with Sirius, and asks those waiting for them to allow Harry to sleep in peace.

Later that night, Dumbledore enters the hospital wing to find Cornelius Fudge, Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape arguing there. He is surprised to see Professor McGonagall there, as he had asked her to stand guard over Barty Crouch Junior. When he hears that Crouch has been given the Dementors' Kiss, he stares at Fudge as though seeing him plainly for the first time. He is keenly aware that Crouch Junior can no longer testify as to why he killed those people, and tells Fudge that Crouch Junior was acting under Voldemort's instructions. He refuses to allow Fudge to question Harry that night, his eyes blazing when Fudge questions the truth of Harry's story. Dumbledore tells Fudge that Harry is sane as the two of them, and that he believes Harry's account of the events at the Tournament.

Dumbledore tells Fudge that, now Voldemort has returned, there are several necessary measures the Minister has to take. The first he suggests is to remove Azkaban from the control of the Dementors. Dumbledore is certain that the Dementors will rejoin Voldemort as soon as he asks them, and that they will not remain loyal to Fudge. He knows that with the support of the Dementors and his old supporters, Voldemort could well regain the power he held thirteen years ago. He asks Fudge to send an envoy to the giants to extend the hand of friendship to them before Voldemort can persuade them to join him as well. Dumbledore is angry that Fudge doesn't believe in the imminent danger the wizarding world is in, and accuses the Minister of being blinded by love of the office he holds. He thinks Fudge places too much importance on purity of blood, and thinks he should recognise that it is what someone grows to be that is important. The Headmaster tells Fudge that if he is determined to ignore the warnings, they have reached a parting of the ways. Dumbledore says that he will act as he sees fit, regardless of whether Fudge does the same.

After Fudge leaves the hospital wing, Dumbledore tells those left in the hospital wing that there is work to be done. He establishes the Weasleys' position, and asks Molly to send a message to Arthur telling him what has occurred. He sends Madam Pomfrey to take Winky back to the kitchens, and asks Sirius to resume his normal form. He asks Snape and Severus to put aside their differences and work together, and sends Sirius to alert the 'old crowd' about what occurred during the third task. He leaves the hospital wing to find Mr and Mrs Diggory.

Discovered in chapter 37, The Beginning

Hagrid reveals that Dumbledore plans to prepare for a fight against Voldemort, hoping to stop the Dark Lord before he gets a good hold again.

Dumbledore gives a speech at the Leaving Feast on the last day of term. He makes a toast to the memory of Cedric Diggory, and makes the decision to tell the students the truth about his death: that Cedric was murdered by Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore says that the Ministry of Magic did not want him to reveal this fact, but that he believes the truth is preferable to lies, and that to lie would be an insult to Cedric's memory. Dumbledore asks the students to toast Harry Potter, commending the boy for his bravery on the night of Cedric's murder. Dumbledore tells those assembled in the Great Hall that in light of Lord Voldemort's return, the ties created by the Triwizard Tournament are more important than ever, and says that every guest in the Hall will be welcomed back to Hogwarts at any time, should they wish to come. His eyes linger on the Durmstrang students as he says this, and reminds those assembled that they are only as strong as they are united, and as weak as they are divided. He encourages the idea that differences of habit and language do not matter, so long as their aims are identical and their hearts are open. Dumbledore asks them all to remember Cedric Diggory if ever there comes a time when they have to make a choice between what is right, and what is easy.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Discovered in chapter 4, Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

Dumbledore is the founder of the Order of the Phoenix. He founded the secret society during the First Wizarding War, and the members of the society fought against Voldemort. Ron and Hermione reveal that it was Dumbledore's idea to keep Harry in the dark about events in the wizarding world, although they do not know why the Headmaster chose to do this. Dumbledore has been busy over the summer, and has only visited Grimmauld Place twice since the Weasleys and Hermione arrived. The only thing he spoke to them about was to make them promise not to tell Harry important things in their letters, in case the owls were intercepted.

Discovered in chapter 6, The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Professor Dumbledore is the Secret Keeper for the Order of the Phoenix, and this protection extends to the location of their Headquarters at number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Nobody can find the house unless Dumbledore himself tells them the address - it was he who wrote the note that Mad-Eye Moody showed Harry the night before. Dumbledore visits number twelve, Grimmauld Place, on the evening before Harry's hearing. He doesn't ask to see Harry, but tells the adults that he thinks it a bad idea for Sirius to accompany his godson to the hearing.

Discovered in chapter 26, Seen and Unforseen

Dumbledore arrives in the Entrance Hall after Professor Umbridge orders Professor Trelawney to leave the castle, after dismissing the Divination teacher from her post. Dumbledore tells Professor Umbridge that although she has the right to dismiss any teacher she pleases, only he has the authority to send them away from the castle. He refuses to allow Professor Trelawney to leave the school, and asks Professor McGonagall to escort her back upstairs.

Dumbledore informs Professor Umbridge that he has found a new Divination teacher who will prefer lodgings on the ground floor, and reminds her that the Ministry only has the right to appoint new teachers if the Headmaster is unable to do so. He turns to the open front doors of the castle and happily introduces the new teacher, Firenze the Centaur, to the assembled students and teachers.

Discovered in chapter 27, The Centaur and the Sneak

Dumbledore is sitting behind his desk, his expression serene, when Harry and Professor Umbridge arrive in his office. He doesn't look at Harry when Fudge asks whether he knows why he is there, but shakes his head a fraction of an inch to each side, giving a tiny nod when Harry denies knowing anything. Dumbledore surprises the Ministry officials by pointing out that the initial meeting in the Hog's Head was not, in fact, illegal, as Educational Decree Number Twenty-four was only put into effect two days later.

When Professor Umbridge produces the list of students who attended the meeting that night, he points out the name of the group, 'Dumbledore's Army', and falsely confesses to organising the meeting. Dumbledore cheerfully admits to the Minister that he has been plotting against him, but informs him that he will not be coming quietly, having no intention of being charged or being sent to Azkaban to await a trial. Dumbledore hexes the Ministry officials, including Kingsley Shacklebolt, rendering them unconscious on the office floor. He tells Harry and McGonagall that he will be leaving Hogwarts, but has no plans to go into hiding. Reminding Harry to practise Occlumency, Dumbledore grasps Fawkes's long, golden tail, and the pair disappear in a flash of fire.

Discovered in chapter 35, Beyond the Veil

Dumbledore appears in the doorway from the Brain Room, his wand aloft, his face white and furious. He speeds past Neville and Harry and begins to fight the Death Eaters. He turns towards the dais as Sirius is hit in the chest with a curse from Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discovered in chapter 13, The Secret Riddle

Dumbledore and Harry use the Pensieve in the Headmaster's office to visit his memory of meeting Tom Riddle for the first time. They follow a younger, auburn haired Dumbledore down a bustling, old-fashioned London street to a grim-looking orphanage, and watch his interaction with Mrs Cole, the matron of the orphanage, and the eleven-year-old Tom Riddle.

In the memory, Dumbledore is questioned suspiciously by Mrs Cole about Hogwarts and his plans for Tom Riddle. After being asked about the school, and how Riddle was registered, Dumbledore slips his wand out of his pocket and hands Mrs Cole a blank piece of paper, surreptitiously waving his wand as he does so. The spell he casts causes Mrs Cole's questioning to cease. Dumbledore asks about Tom Riddle, and about the boy's parents. He is interested in her depiction of Tom, gravely listening as she mentions the incident with Billy Stubb's rabbit being found hanged from the rafters after the two boys argued. He reminds Mrs Cole that Tom will need to return to the orphanage every summer at the very least.

Dumbledore is taken to Tom's bedroom in the orphanage, and introduces himself to the boy. He informs Tom that he is a teacher at Hogwarts, that Tom has been offered a place at the school, and that it is a school of magic. He watches Riddle's reaction carefully. When Riddle orders him to prove that he is a wizard, Dumbledore reprimands his rudeness, and promptly sets the wardrobe on fire with a flick of his wand. He ends the spell moments later, leaving the wardrobe undamaged. When a rattling noise comes from inside the wardrobe, Dumbledore asks Riddle to remove the small cardboard box on the top shelf, and asks if there is anything in it that shouldn't be. When the boy reveals the stolen items in the box, Dumbledore sternly tells him that stealing is not tolerated at Hogwarts, and that by entering the wizarding world he must agree to abide by their laws. He gives Tom money for his school supplies, mentioning the fund at Hogwarts for students who require assistance, and surprisingly agrees to Tom's suggestion that he visit Diagon Alley alone, giving him the directions to the Leaky Cauldron and platform nine and three-quarters. Dumbledore shakes Tom's hand as he leaves, hesitating momentarily when the boy reveals he is a Parselmouth, and leaves the bedroom.

As the memory ends, Dumbledore and Harry return to the Headmaster's office, and talk about the meeting.

Discovered in chapter 20, Lord Voldemort's Request

Professor Dumbledore and Harry use the Pensieve in the Headmaster's office to visit Hokey the house-elf's memory of Tom Riddle's visit to Hepzibah Smith. They watch as Hepzibah shows Tom her two finest treasures - Helga Hufflepuff's golden cup and Salazar Slytherin's locket. Once back in his office, Dumbledore explains to Harry that, two days after the visit, Hepzibah Smith was found dead and that Hokey the house-elf was convicted of her murder. Dumbledore believes that Tom Riddle murdered Hepzibah and modified Hokey's memory, as he did to Morfin Gaunt. He thinks that the Ministry of Magic were predisposed to suspect Hokey, as they were with Morfin, hence why they didn't investigate thoroughly.

Discovered in chapter 26, The Cave

Professor Dumbledore travels with Harry to find one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes. The pair find and enter the cave, after Dumbledore makes a blood sacrifice to enter the inner chamber. He explains to Harry that the requirement is designed to weaken any enemies of Voldemort who enter the cave. When they find the boat to take them across the lake, Dumbledore explains that Voldemort enchanted the boat to allow only one wizard to cross the lake, but that he wouldn't have expected an underage wizard to get this far, basing the enchantment on magical power. The pair travel across the lake in the boat and climb the island to the stone basin.

Dumbledore tries to touch the potion in the stone basin that conceals the Horcrux but meets an invisible barrier. He tells Harry the only way to drain the potion is to drink it, and reminds Harry of his promise to follow any command of Dumbledore's on the trip. Dumbledore conjures a crystal goblet to scoop the Emerald Potion out of the stone basin.

Dumbledore drinks the Emerald Potion, his face beginning to twitch after his third gobletful. His grip on the goblet slackens, and he speaks in a frightened voice, pleading with Harry to make him stop drinking. He shakes and cowers as though invisible tormentors surround him, his limbs flailing. Dumbledore begs Harry to let him stop drinking and to kill him, but finishes the last of the Emerald Potion, collapsing immediately after. He asks Harry for water once revived, and is eventually given some of the water from the lake.

When Harry is attacked by the Inferi in the lake, Dumbledore rises to his feet, pale with fire dancing in his eyes, and conjures flames from his wand, encircling the creatures with the fire like a vast lasso. He scoops the locket from the bottom of the stone basin an leads Harry back to the boat, moving the ring of fire with them until the Inferi return to the lake. He and Harry enter the boat and travel back across the lake.

Discovered in chapter 27, The Lightning-Struck Tower

Professor Dumbledore sends Harry to fetch Snape once the pair have arrived at the Astronomy Tower. He silently immobilises Harry using a Freezing Charm when he hears someone running to the Tower, and is disarmed by Draco Malfoy.

Dumbledore questions Draco as to whether he is acting alone. When Draco reveals there are Death Eaters at Hogwarts, Dumbledore is mildly impressed that Draco found a way to let them in. Dumbledore tells Draco he is not a killer, revealing that he has been aware of Draco's plans throughout the year, believing them to be feeble attempts at killing him. He accuses Draco, kindly, of being afraid to act alone, and doesn't believe that the student will kill him. He talks about Draco's plans through the year, guessing that Madam Rosmerta was his accomplice under the Imperius Curse. As they talk, Dumbledore slides further down the ramparts, the strength in his legs fading. He tells Draco that Snape is his double-agent, not Lord Voldemort's, and that he trusts the teacher, and questions the boy further about the fight happening below in the school.

Dumbledore offers to help Draco if he comes to the right side, and offers the protection and safety of the Order of the Phoenix to him and his family. He calmly welcomes the four Death Eaters who appear on the Astronomy Tower, intrigued to see the Carrows and Fenrir Greyback. Dumbledore pleads with Snape when the teacher arrives at the Astronomy Tower and is hit squarely in the chest with the Killing Curse by his colleague. He arcs backwards over the battlements of the Tower like a great rag doll, falling out of sight.

Discovered in chapter 30, The White Tomb

Professor Dumbledore's funeral is held at Hogwarts. The body, shrouded in purple velvet spangled with gold stars, is carried down the aisle between the chairs by Hagrid and placed on the marble table by the lake. The service is taken by a little man dressed in black; when his speech is over, white flames erupt around Dumbledore's body and the marble table. The body is obscured by the flames, and white smoke spirals into the air in strange shapes. When the fire vanishes, a white marble tomb stands in the spot, encasing Dumbledore and the marble table.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Discovered in chapter 8, The Wedding

Ron's Aunt Muriel reveals that Albus Dumbledore's sister, Ariana, was believed to be a Squib. She mentions that Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore brawled at Ariana's funeral, and that Albus did not defend himself.

Chocolate Frog card

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Dumbledore is featured on a Chocolate Frog card. He seems quite proud of this achievement.

The text of the card reads:

Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Professor Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon’s blood and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel.


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