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Rita Skeeter is the second Moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands.


She put the tip of the green quill into her mouth, sucked it for a moment with apparent relish, then placed it upright on the parchment, where it stood balanced on its point, quivering slightly.




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  • The bean is on the floor next to the dustpan.
  • There are 5 Galleons on the floor behind Rita.
  • The Spider Legs are on a box to the top-left, just behind the left-most floating candle.
  • You can unlock exclusive content about the Daily Prophet by clicking on one of the scraps of parchment in Rita's bag.
  • There's another scrap of parchment in Rita's bag which gives you a closer look at some of the gloopy rubbish her Quick-Quotes Quill is liable to scribble.

Various things react when you mouse over them:

  • There is something in the box to the far left, next to where you pick up the spider legs, which ventures into the light then scurries back.
  • Rita's quill scribbles more venomous rubbish.
  • Rita's handbag opens to reveal scraps of parchment, but snaps shut again if you mouse over again.
  • If you move over the spider web in the top-right corner of the picture, a spider drops down with a plink and scurries behind the brush.
  • Once the quill has covered the sheet of parchment with scribbles, you can open the door by mousing over it: a second time will slam it shut.

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