Ron Receives a Howler is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 6, Gilderoy Lockhart.


Ron was pointing at the red envelope. It looked quite ordinary to Harry, but Ron and Neville were both looking at it as though they expected it to explode.



Zoom levels


Technically there are 6 zoom levels in this moment, although the only thing which changes is the Howler. Zooming in can make it start up and explode (you cannot zoom out):

  1. the Howler sits ready
  2. the Howler begins to steam
  3. the Howler swells up and smokes
  4. the Howler opens up and yells
  5. the Howler bursts into flames
  6. the flames die leaving a pile of ashes

There is only one item to find in this moment, the grey feather. It is next to the sugar bowl.


For the most part, you can hear quiet whispering, creaking, and soft whispers until you get the howler started.

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