Sir Cadogan is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 6, Talons and Tea Leaves.


'A quest!' The Knight's rage seemed to vanish instantly. He clanked to his feet and shouted, 'Come follow me, dear friends, and we shall find our goal, or else shall perish bravely in the charge!'


New from J. K. Rowling

Zoom levels

This moment actually has 5 zoom levels (well, technically 6 until you get there)!

Zoom 1

  • Click on Sir Cadogan to hear him talk.
  • Click the frame to see the article about Sir Cadogan.
  • Hover over Sir Cadogan, the horse/pony or the sword to make them move.

Zoom 2

Just keep zooming: you can hear Sir Cadogan stomping through.

Zoom 3

  • Click on Sir Cadogan to hear him talk.
  • Hover over the usual occupants of the portrait to see their various reactions: some of the ladies will agitate themselves, the cat will hiss, and the lady on the right will pluck her harp.

Zoom 4

Just keep zooming: Sir Cadogan is still audible.

Zoom 5

You have to zoom in one last time to make Sir Cadogan appear and to hear him talk. Once you have done this, zooming in or out will return you to Zoom 1.


You can hear Sir Cadogan clanking as he runs in between the zoom levels. The torch from Zoom 4 is audible, and the monks in Zoom 5 chant when you are there.

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