Sirius and Buckbeak Escape is the fourth moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 21, Hermione's Secret.


Black wheeled Buckbeak around facing the open sky.
“We'll see each other again,” he said, “You are — truly your father's son, Harry…”



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This moment has 2 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

Screenshot - 9 30 2013 , 2 09 50 PM.png
  • The Galleon is on the floor in front of a box to the right.
  • There is something next to the box which flops when you mouse over it and then doesn't move again.
  • The Owl Treat is on top of the crate behind the box.
  • Buckbeak flaps his wings noisily when you mouse over him.
  • If you mouse over the owlery to the right, an owl flies out.

Zoom 2

This is not the correct picture but it shows the position of clickable items.
Screenshot - 9 30 2013 , 2 09 50 PM.png
  • The card is leaning against the wall underneath Buckbeak.


You can hear Buckbeak and various birds, including owls.

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