Snape's Grudge is the fourteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Opening description

No one in Gryffindor Tower slept that night. They knew that the castle was being searched again, and the whole house stayed awake in the common room, waiting to hear whether Black had been caught.

Closing description

“Come to have a good gloat?” said Ron savagely, as she stopped in front of them. “Or have you just been to tell on us?”

“No,” said Hermione. She was holding a letter in her hands and her lip was trembling. “I just thought you ought to know … Hagrid lost his case. Buckbeak is going to be executed.”


This chapter has 3 moments.

Buckbeak's Appeal

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The Shrieking Shack

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A Spare Bit of Parchment

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