Splinched is the first Moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 14, The Thief.


‘Splinched,’ said Hermione, her fingers already busy at Ron’s sleeve, where the blood was wettest and darkest.

Harry watched, horrified, as she tore open Ron’s shirt. He had always thought of Splinching as something comical, but this ... his insides crawled unpleasantly as Hermione laid bare Ron’s upper arm, where a great chunk of flesh was missing, scooped cleanly away as though by a knife.





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Zoom Levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels.

Zoom Level 1

Splinched Zoom 1.png
  • Hover over the bird in the tree to make it walk back and forth.
  • Collect the Earthworm by the stump of a tree on the right.

Zoom Level 2

Splinched Zoom 2.png
  • Collect the Woodlice on the front tree on the left.
  • Collect the Dittany on the ground to the left of the tent.
  • Click the tent to read more on 'Extension Charms'.

Zoom Level 3

Splinched Zoom 3.png
  • Hover over Ron's bloody sleeve to pull it back.
  • Hover over the oven door to open it.
  • Close the oven door by hovering over it again to complete the moment.
  • Mouse from left to right over the back door to open it.
  • Once the back door is open, mouse over the toilet chain to yank on it.
  • Collect the Crochet-Covered Cushion on the armchair.

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