The Chamber of Secrets is the sixteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Opening description

‘All those times we were in that bathroom, and she was just three toilets away,’ said Ron bitterly at breakfast next day, ‘and we could’ve asked her, and now ...’

Closing description

The serpents parted as the wall cracked open, the halves slid smoothly out of sight, and Harry, shaking from head to foot, walked inside.


Hermione's Clue

Thumb-B2C16M1 Items


The Entrance to The Chamber

Thumb-B2C16M2 Zoom in and Click on Left Tap of the Right Basin to Open the Chamber.

Two Entwined Serpents

Thumb-B2C16M3 Click on the Serpents Heads and then Harry's wand to open the Door to the Chamber of Secrets.

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