The Decoy Harrys is the first Moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 4, The Seven Potters.


'Good luck everyone,' shouted Moody. 'See you all in about an hour at The Burrow. On the count of three. One...two...THREE.'

There was a great roar from the motorbike and Harry felt the sidecar a nasty lurch: he was rising through the air fast, his eyes watering slightly, his hair whipped back off his face. Around him brooms were soaring upwards too: the long, black tail of a Thestral flicked past. His leg, jammed into the sidecar by Hedwig's cage and his rucksack, were already sore and starting to numb. So great was his discomfort he almost forgot to take a last glimpse of Number Four, Privet Drive; by the time he looked over the edge of the sidecar, he could no longer tell which one it was.




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Zoom Levels

This moment has 2 zoom levels.

Zoom level 1

The Decoy Harrys Zoom 1.png
  • Collect the Rose Thorns toward the bottom left corner of the screen, underneath the Thestral.
  • The Earthworm is under the wing the of leftmost Thestral.
  • Hover over the wing of the leftmost Thestral and it will move.
  • Hover over the pair of broom-riders under the leftmost Thestral's wing and the broom will move up and down, and the owl cage will swing.
  • Hover over the rightmost pair of broom-riders and the broom will move up and down, and the owl cage will swing.
  • Hover over the Thestral on the right and the wing will move.
  • Click on the shack to unlock 'Vernon & Petunia Dursley'.

Zoom level 2

The Decoy Harrys Zoom 2.png
  • Collect the Fluxweed next to the shack.
  • Hover over Hagrid's motorcycle and a puff of exhaust will appear.
  • Hover over the two pairs of broom-riders (Tonks and Harry & Moody and Harry) to make them move.

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